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Re: Syndicate: Radio Deep Europ

>From what I know "official" humanitarian organization cannot do anything if the
government of the country does not allow them to come in. I guess they have
plans "when" they are allowed to go back. The only one to be able to do
something  is the Red Cross from what I know from International Law (OK, this
seems ridiculous those days) because it is allowed to go whereever there is a

Adele Eisenstein wrote:

> Dear David,
> thanks for your reply -
> On Sat, 27 Mar 1999, David Hudson wrote:
> > According to one humanitarian aid worker interviewed on CNN last night,
> > many if not most of them have been ordered out of all of Yugoslavia. But of
> > course, that was just one interview on one network.
> Right, that happened at least a week ago, save for the few local Red Cross
> people that I mentioned.
> That is the point: the aid workers have been deported, and NATO has taken
> over; but my question is, in the absence of any local workers on the
> scene, what are all of these (professional) international aid
> organisations planning? When they were forced to get out, they must have
> made a plan about what to do for all the people who stayed behind - or
> have they all just been forgotten?
> > >Any plans for airlifts?
> I wrote that in all seriousness that if NATO is serious about
> "peacekeeping", they had better take a plan like that into account, during
> the daylight hours, in the brief pauses between bombing attacks.
> Perhaps we can write to our various governments (in a petition, or?) about
> such a plan.
> On the other hand, I am honestly asking if anyone knows or can find out
> anything from such organisations as the International Red Cross, Red
> Crescent, Doctors without Borders, and smaller organisations as well.
> > >where is the UN now?
> > Rendered completely irrelevant, evidently.
> I just tried ringing the UNHCR office in Budapest - I'm sure I don't have
> to tell you that there was no answer on Saturday (I am here in my office,
> but somehow I don't think my work is more important than theirs...).
> I would suggest that some of you try calling that office in your own
> country, and see what they say... I will try again on Monday.
> (as if the war could take a weekend break...)
> Adele

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