Adele Eisenstein on Sat, 27 Mar 1999 15:33:39 +0100 (MET)

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Re: Syndicate: Radio Deep Europ

Dear David,
thanks for your reply -

On Sat, 27 Mar 1999, David Hudson wrote:

> According to one humanitarian aid worker interviewed on CNN last night,
> many if not most of them have been ordered out of all of Yugoslavia. But of
> course, that was just one interview on one network.

Right, that happened at least a week ago, save for the few local Red Cross
people that I mentioned.
That is the point: the aid workers have been deported, and NATO has taken
over; but my question is, in the absence of any local workers on the
scene, what are all of these (professional) international aid
organisations planning? When they were forced to get out, they must have
made a plan about what to do for all the people who stayed behind - or
have they all just been forgotten?

> >Any plans for airlifts?
I wrote that in all seriousness that if NATO is serious about
"peacekeeping", they had better take a plan like that into account, during
the daylight hours, in the brief pauses between bombing attacks.
Perhaps we can write to our various governments (in a petition, or?) about
such a plan.

On the other hand, I am honestly asking if anyone knows or can find out
anything from such organisations as the International Red Cross, Red
Crescent, Doctors without Borders, and smaller organisations as well.

> >where is the UN now?
> Rendered completely irrelevant, evidently.
I just tried ringing the UNHCR office in Budapest - I'm sure I don't have
to tell you that there was no answer on Saturday (I am here in my office,
but somehow I don't think my work is more important than theirs...).
I would suggest that some of you try calling that office in your own
country, and see what they say... I will try again on Monday.
(as if the war could take a weekend break...)