Stephen Kovats on Sat, 27 Mar 1999 12:51:14 -0500

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Syndicate: Okolina details...

  RE Slobodan Markovic "From CNN news last night:

    "A fire burns in Okolina, a Belgrade suburb, in what Serb TV claims 
     is destruction caused by a third night of NATO airstrikes"

    Serbian National TV probably said that fire is burning in vicinity 
    of Belgrade suburbs.

    "Okolina" in Serbian means - vicinity.


    Air-raid warning again... Later,"

yes, this is certainly one of the more interesting (if not fun!) ways of
testing who really knows what they are talking about in their reporting....
SKY TV (a bastion of british investigative journalism?) during an "email
in" program explained to its audience, that "even if the sender does not
explicitly state from where they are sending their mail, we can tell by the
domain name i.e. yu stands for yugoslavia and hr stands for hungary...."

cute little details all - but since there is no editorial staff to correct
the international sniper fire of sound bites, any corrections, additions
and precisions to what is being reported is welcome... 

- sk