Slobodan Markovic on Sun, 28 Mar 1999 21:17:52 +0200

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Syndicate: Playing victim...

>please do not just portrait yourself as victims. it is not that easy. 
>I understand your anger. I am also fully against this NATO bombings.
>But you are not the only victim. We only hear stories from the 
>'serbian' perspective. There is much more going on. Please also mention 
>this. I think.

    Dear Geert, there is nothing to portrait - we ARE the victims. Someone 
    physically, someone emotionally, someone both, but still victims.

    Of course, I understand I'm not the only one, but I'm sending to 
    this mailing list only news that are confirmed by my own eyes - the 
    things I see and things that are really true.

    I personally watch, read and listen: Serbian National TV, CNN, both 
    pro-gov and independent newspapers and couple radio stations in 
    Belgrade. Not to mention various mailing lists and Web sites. There 
    is SO MUCH lies and propaganda on ALL sides it makes me really sick!

    That is why I don't want to spread all kind of shit on the Net and 
    that's why I'm not talking about "large number NATO aircrafts shot in 
    just 3 days" (like they talk on our National TV) or about "500.000 
    Kosovo Albanian refugees" (like they talk on CNN) because... 

    THERE IS SIMPLY NO WAY can know if these informations are true or false.

    As soon as I dig some reliable info of what is happening on Kosovo
    I will naturally mail it to all of you!

    Right now, my ears are telling me that air-raid warning sirens are
    just announcing the end of danger...


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