Geert Lovink on Sun, 28 Mar 1999 21:44:34 +0200 (CEST)

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Syndicate: Re: Playing victim...

>     Dear Geert, there is nothing to portrait - we ARE the victims. Someone 
>     physically, someone emotionally, someone both, but still victims.

well, let history judge. for the time being kosovo people are the main
victims. not serbs. only few serbs have died so far. these are statistics
for me. the reality. perhaps I am wrong. of course every dead person is
one too many, let us not argue about that.
>     Of course, I understand I'm not the only one, but I'm sending to 
>     this mailing list only news that are confirmed by my own eyes - the 
>     things I see and things that are really true.

that's true. you are there, not we. we can only support -- and comment.
and build websites. organize information. and show anger. 

>     I personally watch, read and listen: Serbian National TV, CNN, both 
>     pro-gov and independent newspapers and couple radio stations in 
>     Belgrade. Not to mention various mailing lists and Web sites. There 
>     is SO MUCH lies and propaganda on ALL sides it makes me really sick!

tell me about the lies of B92. that would interest me. 
>     That is why I don't want to spread all kind of shit on the Net and 
>     that's why I'm not talking about "large number NATO aircrafts shot in 
>     just 3 days" (like they talk on our National TV) or about "500.000 
>     Kosovo Albanian refugees" (like they talk on CNN) because... 

that true. it is all going fast now, and there are view people to check
the fact. just now there was news on dutch tv, an arrest, which was very
shocking to me because I know that person well, but B92 does not want to
spread it. they do not trust the source. I am desperate now. is it true,
not true? but their attitude is the right one. I have to calm down.
>     As soon as I dig some reliable info of what is happening on Kosovo
>     I will naturally mail it to all of you!

yes, we are all waiting for that moment.
>     Right now, my ears are telling me that air-raid warning sirens are
>     just announcing the end of danger...

watch out, take care.

best from amsterdam,