ichael . benson on Tue, 30 Mar 1999 01:19:35 +0000

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Syndicate: Interesting

1) Interesting to see bearded Vuk Draskovic raving incoherently at 
CNN about Serbian "love" for the Kosovo Albanians and yes, love 
for the American people as well, who simply "don't understand us" -- 
a picture only complete with the title "Deputy Serbian Prime 
Minister" flickering on the screen. This a scarce three years after 
the man was leading huge marches against his commander in chief, 
Slobodan Milosevic. Interesting also to see those same streets of 
Belgrade now filled with kids listening to "defiant rock concerts" 
which are supposed to happen every day the bombing continues -- 
presumably the same kids who were once marching, daily, against 
Slobo. Message: if you can't bring the fascist down, well hell, why 
not give him your full collaboration and support?

2) Interesting to hear the self-pitying tone of certain -- 
by no means all, but certain -- victimized people evidently warm, 
well-fed, and in front of a powered up computer, seemingly incapable 
of showing any empathy for the true victims further south, who are 
simply being ordered out of their homes on five minutes' notice and 
over the border -- or ordered RAUS RAUS into waiting trucks 
(destination, unknown, but we all remember Srebrenica). THOSE people 
aren't capable of wiring their justifiable self-pity to the wired 
world, because their wires have been entirely cut, and they're on the 
run. Or will never run again.

3) Interesting to speculate whether filmmaker Srdjan Dragujovic -- 
whoops, sorry, I probably spelled his name wrong -- author of 
"Pretty Village, Pretty Flames", will now take advantage of so many 
spectacularily convincing sets in Kosovo, there to reburn villages 
for the low-cost benefit of his cameras, the same way he did (to 
world-wide acclaim) in Bosnia. Free, convincing sets await you, Mr 

4) Bizarre and disturbing to note the cheery spunky CNN
weather person (& to make it even more strange and "out of theater",
a black woman) giving the local weather over a territory where by all
accounts a scenario even more horrible than the burning of
the Warsaw ghetto is taking place. As if we're talking about the 
"moderately cloudy" US eastern seaboard. Absolutely weird -- a 
perfect companion to Serbian postmodern fascism, wherein mass 
murderers come back from the battlefield and quote French 
philosophers in cool reasonable tones (this last dating from 
Bosnian war days).

5) Interesting, interesting, interesting. Excuse me; I have to vomit.

Michael Benson