Slobodan Markovic on Tue, 30 Mar 1999 04:34:40 +0200

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Syndicate: So what about Russians?

    Rainy day in Belgrade. Two air-raid warnings, more or less 
    peaceful afternoon over the city. And now some news I 

    State Department's spokesman said yesterday that NATO 
    attacks will continue in spite of Russian prime minister's 
    visit to Belgrade (scheduled for today).

    According to latest reports there are between 80.000 and
    100.000 refugees from Kosovo in Albania, about 2000 in 
    Macedonia, 5000 in Montenegro and 4000 in Bosnia. More
    than 110.000 in total... :-(

    Chief of staff in Italian NATO base - Aviano, said today
    that Yugoslav AAD shot down American F-117A. Officials
    from Pentagon claimed earlier that "true cause of crash
    is unknown yet".

    Head of Yugoslav Air and Anti-Aircraft Defense Forces,
    presented some data about NATO's attacks:

    - 430 NATO aircrafts engaged in attacks.
    - 1300 registered flights over Yugoslavian sky (at 8 am yesterday).
    - 400 cruise missiles fired on Yugoslavia.
    - 1900 tons of explosives exploded (power of nuclear bomb).
    - 7 NATO planes shot down.
    - 3 helicopters shot down.
    - 3 planes w/o human pilots (remote controlled) shot down.
    - 30 cruise missiles shot down.
    - 7 soldiers dead, 17 wounded in NATO attacks.
    - 300.000.000 USD of damage on stationary military objects.

    Enough bad news for today,

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