Geneva J. Anderson on Mon, 29 Mar 1999 22:40:08 -0800

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As an exercise i asked my students here in california
to find inconsistencies in the information posted on various
Kosovo-related URL's. So far, this came one back
and i thought it might be of interest to the list.
Obviously, it was already corrected (?) but I'd like to know 
of other things people found. anyone else collecting this
type of information? explanations for this particular photo? 
and in pointing such things things out,  i am in no way 
suggesting that tragic and violent acts are not occurring.
geneva anderson

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Date: Monday, March 29, 1999 8:14 PM
Subject: Re: Coms402_Balkan Links, some news

>   I have been researching the Internet all week about 
>Kosovo. I noticed that one of the web sites you sent to 
>us today had a picture of a baby girl murdered. 
>The Web site was: 
><A HREF="";;>Kosova
>Crisis Center</A>/
>This article did not state the date of
>the incident.
>But I had already run across that photo at another web site. 
>The web site is:
><A HREF="";;>
>Eighteen Civilians Massacred in Kosovo Forest 
>(Press Release, September 1998)</A>
><A HREF="";;>
>HRW: Focus on Human Rights</A>
>This web site had a photo gallery from past stories. This child was 
>killed in September 1998 with the rest of her family. In fact they had 
>pictures of 2 children. I went back to the site today and the pictures 
>were no longer in the PHOTO GALLERY. They had been there all 
>weekend. The photo gallery was updated and changed today. 
>I thought I would point it out. The photo on the web
>site you sent us seems like it's trying to state the incident took place
>recently, when in fact it had taken place in 1998. The article from 
>KOSOVA CRISIS CENTER reads: "The Serbian authorities 
>claimed that only terrorists were killed. Does the above victim 
>look like a terrorist? Or will the Serbian propaganda machine, 
>presently engaged in a full speed, invent another story to
>justify this horrible act."
>They talk about Serb propaganda in that story, but yet they 
>are using that same photo as propaganda themselves since 
>they are not stating when, how, and with who the child was 
>killed with. I dont agree with a child being murdered
>at any time, but I thought it weird about the 2 pictures.  
>Do you have some explanation?.... 
>I have been listening to B92 all week.  
>I have also been to the BBC news site and other links
>from B92. See you wednesday.
>Kathy Jo Hoy