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Syndicate: Media, Net, and Kosovo war

The Internet has not changed the interantional media structures.
Probably it has reinforced them. I looked at many of the sites suggested
on this list. Very few of them are by private individuals or new
organisations. Most of the material comes from old-established sources
of information:

- large commercial TV networks
- national (public) broadcasting orgnaisations
- governments and international organisations
- big NGO's such as Amnesty
- NGO coalitions and service agencies (such as APC)
- trade press, such as Janes Military
- government-funded elite cultural centres

All of these existed before Internet. Nothing new here.

In general, the war in itself seems to accelerate the concentration and
centering in the media (old and new). B92 is a good example. It already
had a partnership with CNN. Now it has acquired, in a few days, 2
satellite access channels, and medium-wave broadcasting:

...Seit dem 26.3.99 abends wird der unabhängige Belgrader Radiosender
B92 auf Mittelwelle 1476 KHz des österreichischen Rundfunks
gesendet......Dieses Initiative wurde durch die schnelle Kooperation des
österreichischen Rundfunks und B92, sowie europäischer
Medienkulturinstitutionen, namentlich den Amsterdamer Institutionen
XS4ALL und De Balie, sowie Public Netbase t0, Wien, ermöglicht.

De Balie is the leading political-cultural centre in the Netherlands,
primarily linked to the social-democratic party. X$4ALL is part of the
privatised Netherlands Telecom KPN. I don't know about t0, but I would
guess it is also linked to the Austrian social-democratic party SPÃ?.
However, B92's expansion in the past few days is primarily supported by
the BBC World Service, which is directly controlled by the Britsh
foreign ministry.

So: a good example of centring. The most uncritical media get the most
support, from other uncritical media (and institutions). It would be
surprising, if KPN Telecom suddenly gave money and facilities to a
Trotskyite radio, for example. It would be surprising, if the BBC gave a
satellite to the IRA. Things stay as they are. Media do not change the
world, media can not change the world.
Paul Treanor