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Syndicate: in between of misanthrope & philanthropis

Gravitation zero. by little l.

Without lies  & all different kind of frauds that most of are dealing
with today, and from the beginning of civilization, life would be much 
more simple.
To become aware of some problems and penetration into their core,
one has to feel an urge to turn on the attention to all of human kind.
I sincerely want that people can understand their own stupidity and
finally start to concern oneself in deliverance.
On the other hand, I sincerely doubt that it's going to happen soon.

All of these sentences that I've said are an expression of the revolt.
The revolt which I feel since there is lack of conscience of common

Why "Gravitation Zero"?
The answer is quite simple.
Sooner or later there is going to come the moment when Homo sapiens
is going to inquire is it standing on the ground at all, or, is it maybe 
levitate in some state of weightlessness.
And then what?
Than it's going to find out that it's one small, worthless, unfinished
creature which stands nowhere.

There is a long way between "The Shadow" and " The Light".
All of us are on that path.
The path which has an end.
But, not for all!
So, he/she who learns what to do to brake away The Shadow and reach
the state of The Light has a good chance to survive.

Disarranged balance has led all into state of weightlessness,
the state of GRAVITATION ZERO.

little l.