ederic Madre on Wed, 31 Mar 1999 12:32:06 +0200

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Re: Syndicate: anthropologists by way of vuk and andreas

At 22:58 30/03/99 +0100, Andreas Broeckmann wrote:
>we will want to be able to remember how stupid who behaved afterwards
hola! I find this statement very offensive. I imagine someone with a little black book taking notes, ticking off names, then closing the little black book and putting it back in his jacket pocket.
I have a fertile imagination maybe and you were simply too fast on the keys. 

I have been surprised by some of my friends reactions to this war and also by some people I did not know before but now do. it only means that I know them better now, ok, what I mean is this, scroll down this text by some fellow human beings after having read it and discarded and kept bits and pieces according to my/your personal views (I see in this call mostly fear and misunderstanding, traces of brainwash, same as my context really but w/o the fear here which enables me to keep a cold head), so, scroll down was I saying:

> We hope that you as intellectuals bring the germ of critical look and
>that you will use your voice and influence in attempt to stop our
>tragedy today concerning it as not only Yugoslav, but also universal
>fear of  political warplanes. It is the privilege of morale people to
>help man to endure attack, which try to destroy its life, future and
>sacrifice that have been the glory of his past.

well, yes.