ederic Madre on Wed, 31 Mar 1999 15:21:19 +0200

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Re: Syndicate: anthropologists by way of vuk and andreas

At 14:34 31/03/99 +0100, Andreas Broeckmann wrote:
>i know what you mean and would ask you not to picture a little black book,
I won't, ok. thanks for the clarification. I also believe that people can change their opinions and get better, this applies to those anthropologists too and us. who knows what they will write when it's over ?

>by the way, whatever happened to that guy rugova and other opposition
>leaders in kosovo? surely, the peace-loving serb police force in kosovo
>wouldn't carry little black books, would they? naa, c'mon, why should they?
I _never_ denied this, I hoped this would have been obvious but I must state it clearly as it's not to you and I must endure sarcasm:
>you have far too much of a fertile imagination, surely.
>no offence,

sometimes email interpretation is down to one simple blank line placed between a paragraph and another, but you know that.

let's press on,