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<nettime-ann> crosstalk video art festival, budapest, 25-30 June
Adrien Török on Tue, 16 Jun 2009 09:41:59 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> crosstalk video art festival, budapest, 25-30 June

*opening: 25th June, 7 pm.*

*venue: Gödör *

*crosstalk video art festival* will take place from June 25 to June 30 in
Gödör, in heart of Budapest.
The program for the second edition of *crosstalk video art festival
2009*will be comprised by video screenings, round-tables, video
exhibitions and a VJ night.

 Although *crosstalk* video art festival is an international event, every
year a country is invited to present a focused view over the local
production on art videos. For 2009 *Spain* is the guest country. Every year
a video collection is invited for the video screening: *Antology*. This year
we have a selection from the video collection of *MUSAC* (Museo de Arte
Contemporáneo de Castilla y León), Spain.

In this year’s edition crosstalk is hosting three partner institutes
presented in *Crosstalk Invites* section:* **FixC* Cooperative, a video-,
media art and experimental cimena distributor and promoter from Helsinki,
Finland, *VideoChannel, *a video project environment* *from Cologne, Germany
and *VisualContainer*, the italian video art distributor from Milan, Italy.

In *cross-talks* screening are presented videos based on the open call and *
S** *is a section exclusevily for students.

*crosstalk** *will present three round-tables with professionals in the
video art field, such as artists, curator, collector, concerning techniques,
philosophical questions and methodology of works with subjects like:
videoart <http://www.loop-videoart.com/Pages/Mas.aspx?id=6>, technological
limitations and conservation
Video and media art in the hungarian and international art market, p
resenting, <http://www.loop-videoart.com/Pages/Mas.aspx?id=6> installing and
exhibiting videoart.*

This edition will explore the dialogue and intersections between video art
and other arts disciplines such as dance, theater by hosting *Barbara
Bañuelos Company* with the show called: 90 DB and *Aggtelek* from Barcelona
will present az installation in Labor Gallery. The vj culture is also part
of contemporary video and media art, so one night will be dedicated
exclusivelly for a *vj maraton* with 4 dj and 16 vj-s.

This years edition of creating surprising collaborations with the aim of
spreading the interest in video art through a wide range of audiences, in a
project linked to the city.

*crosstalk video art festival**
2009., June 25-30.*

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