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Announcer on Thu, 9 May 2002 20:35:51 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Announcements [x11]

Table of Contents:

   digital sparks 02 - Call for Entries                                            
     "Claudia Valle" <claudia.valle {AT} imk.fraunhofer.de>                               

   Art & Technology                                                                
     "Art & Technology" <arttech {AT} design.chalmers.se>                                 

   thumb skate flash                                                               
     =?iso-8859-1?Q?seanheaLy=99?= <evolver {AT} loud.org.au>                             

   CFP: The Politics of New Media Research: Methodologies, Debates and Practices   
     Ned Rossiter <Ned.Rossiter {AT} arts.monash.edu.au>                                  

   Re: <nettime> logo war & parody                                                 
     =?iso-8859-1?q?eg=F8?= <milleplateaux1101 {AT} yahoo.it>                             

   Fw: [AustHumanRightsNews] Go and greet the Tampa and Arne Rinnan, the captain, o
     "Ozi Media-Junkie" <ozmediajunkie {AT} hotmail.com>                                  

   _The End of a Festival_                                                         
     "h.d.mabuse" <mabuse {AT} manguebit.org.br>                                          

   The Program of Grants for Researcher in Residence: 2002 Call for  Research Propo
     Dominique Fontaine <dfontaine {AT} fondation-langlois.org>                           

   EMARE_last call for applications                                                
     pz {AT} werkleitz.de                                                                 

   New Media initiatives in developing countries...?                               
     "Manne Granqvist" <manne-gr {AT} fc.dsv.su.se>                                       

   2ND INTERNATIONAL BAUHAUS AWARD                                                 
     Langenbrinck Gregor <Langenbrinck {AT} bauhaus-dessau.de>                            


Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 19:25:01 +0200
From: "Claudia Valle" <claudia.valle {AT} imk.fraunhofer.de>
Subject: digital sparks 02 - Call for Entries

Student Media Projects Competition digital sparks 02


For the second time the MARS Exploratory Media Lab of the Fraunhofer
Institute for Media Communication is organising the higher education
competition >digital sparks<. The aim of the competition is to allow a
structured and extensive insight into research and teaching at German
universities and colleges in the above subject areas and at the same
time to promote the next generation of scientists and artists.

All projects submitted will be published online on the Internet platform
netzspannung.org and presented in the form of a virtual exhibition. 

netzspannung.org is a dynamic knowledge portal for digital culture which
is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and
developed at the MARS Exploratory Media Lab of the Fraunhofer Institute
for Media Communication headed by Monika Fleischmann und Wolfgang
Strauss. The platform serves as a multi-disciplinary link between media
art and media design, science and technology and communicates the many
different activities in the media culture scene in an up-to-the-minute
information pool.

We are looking for exceptional and groundbreaking concepts and
implementations from the past year in the fields of media art, media
design and media IT. The projects can be submitted online from May 3th,
2002 on http://netzspannung.org/digital-sparks

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2002

For further information please contact:
digital-sparks {AT} netzspannung.org


Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 14:05:36 +0200
From: "Art & Technology" <arttech {AT} design.chalmers.se>
Subject: Art & Technology

as a media-artist you might be interested in this.
We are starting a new international master's program in
Göteborg, Sweden, called Art & Technology, intended for
people with technical/scientific and/or artistic background,
any genre, any nationality. It will deal with generative and
processing technologies for audio and image, aesthetics,
artificial life, robotics, social implications etc, with a
lot of cross-disciplinary projects. Check it out at:
Apply before May 15.

Regards/ Johannes Nyholm, Innovative Design, Chalmers University of  


Date: Wed, 01 May 2002 13:27:58 +1000
From: seanheaLy <evolver {AT} loud.org.au>
Subject: thumb skate flash 

ave joined the blogga brigade,
thanx to kind help of my friend praccus  {AT} 

All the articles / interviews below are available at:
and a bunch others here...

ciao bunnies~!

Dream Machines
Mark Pesce : Toys & Us
Lunar Lasers
Game History: rebecca.cannon
MCHawking Interview
Melb Digi-Comix
Future Farmers Interview
Data Sperm: Jon McCormack Interview
Phone(y) Home(y)
2001 Web Dissectionz
Remixing Neighbours
Ogg Vorbis Vs. MP3
Arkaos Vidi-Yo Sampler Review
Sadie Plant & Mobile Phones
(VJ) Honeygun Labs
MIDI Triggering Sk8 Ramp!
Software review: VDMX 2
Eye-fi Inter-voo
V-Track Review
Real Electronic Virtual (REV festival)
Neotropic On Music Vs Film
Getting Video Online
Steev Hise Interview
Banff Vs. Online Film
Reaktor 3 Review (4u)
The Light Surgeons
Generative Design: Beyond Photoshop


Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 13:06:09 +1000
From: Ned Rossiter <Ned.Rossiter {AT} arts.monash.edu.au>
Subject: CFP: The Politics of New Media Research: Methodologies, Debates and Practices

Call for Papers
Southern Review: Communication, Politics & Culture
Special Issue 35.3, 2002

The Politics of New Media Research: Methodologies, Debates and Practices

Edited by Mary Griffiths and Susan Yell
Monash University, Gippsland

Three contexts inform the theme of this issue. The first is the rise 
of the new communication technologies and their increasing centrality 
across the spectrum of what were formerly discrete communication 
mediums, practices and institutions. Second, the diverse genealogies 
of communications studies and research - organisational and social 
psychology, sociology, political economy, rhetoric, cultural studies, 
linguistics - have led to a corresponding diversity of methodologies 
and theoretical frameworks. Third, a new generation of communications 
scholars (spawned from the rapid expansion of university 
communications programs) is emerging as more Net-literate than their 
predecessors and is contributing to the acceleration in the changing 
research agenda.

This issue aims to address questions concerning the methodologies and 
approaches appropriate to researching new communications media.  It 
calls for papers which give case studies of research in new media, 
and a defence or critique of the chosen methodologies.  We invite 
papers which take up one or more of the following issues:

* the politics of new communications research agendas - what is 
funded, and why?  How do research agendas relate to institutional 
* the nature of the fit between more traditional methodologies and 
new technologies - e.g. how does new media research challenge the 
boundaries of empirical research, which is also the dominant paradigm 
in research and funding criteria across the disciplines?
* frameworks for theorising and researching the new forms of 
embodiment associated with new media - how can the interface between 
'real' and virtual bodies be conceptualised?
* suitable and successful qualitative research methodologies - is the 
virtual environment more or less easily researched?
* the changing ethics of privacy, security and data collection as 
they relate to intellectual property regimes;
* the role of interdisciplinarity in new media research; which 
disciplines count as authoritative, and which (if any) are privileged?
* is the corporatised university providing a supportive framework for 
emerging new media researchers, and what sort of research is being 
conducted by networks independent of the university?

Papers should be approx. 4500 words. Under special circumstances 
longer papers will be considered. Please send us 3 hard copies of 
your paper, double -spaced on white A4 paper, with your name and 
institutional affiliation on a separate sheet to facilitate anonymity 
in the evaluation process. You may submit electronically - please 
contact the editors for details. An abstract (max. 100 words) is 
required, and a biographical note of no more than 50 words. 
Referencing should follow the MLA Style Manual (1988) 'works cited' 
form of documentation (for further details see 
http://www.bedfordbooks.com/rd/mla/cited.html). Discursive notes 
should be avoided. Full details of editorial policy are available on 


mary.griffiths {AT} arts.monash.edu.au
sue.yell {AT} arts.monash.edu.au

Contributions should be sent to:
Susan Yell
Southern Review
Monash University, Gippsland Campus
Churchill VIC 3842 AUSTRALIA


Date: Sat, 4 May 2002 04:44:47 +0200 (CEST)
From: milleplateaux1101 {AT} yahoo.it
Subject: Re: <nettime> logo war & parody

logo & parody... 
...maybe I'm off topic, but at least have a laugh (?):
check my "summer rhizomatic T-shirt"
print it, iron it, and then wear it at the next
bohemian rhizomatic party you're going.

 --- Eveline Lubbers <evel {AT} xs4all.nl> ha scritto: > 
> Interesting case.
> Has anyone heard of other companies trying to fight
> use of their logo on activist' sites?
> (apart from RTmark/Yesmen related cases - those I
> know!)
> gr
> eveline

Con Yahoo! vinci viaggi per i Mondiali FIFA 2002


Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 20:25:11 +1000
From: "Ozi Media-Junkie" <ozmediajunkie {AT} hotmail.com>
Subject: Fw: [AustHumanRightsNews] Go and greet the Tampa and Arne Rinnan, the captain, on his final voyage!

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From: Chas & Helen Osborn 
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:; 
Sent: Wednesday, May 08, 2002 7:54 PM
Subject: [AustHumanRightsNews] Go and greet the Tampa and Arne Rinnan, the captain, on his final voyage!

The shipping schedule for the ports of call of the 'Tampa' for Captain Rinnan's retirement voyage is: 
Brisbane - arrival due: 1800, 10 May, 
Sydney - arrival due:0600, 12 May, 
Melbourne - arrival due: 0600, 15 May, 
Freemantle - arrival due: 0600, 20 May. 

Make him welcome!
Rallies at each arrival point!

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Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 18:36:09 -0300
From: "h.d.mabuse" <mabuse {AT} manguebit.org.br>
Subject: _The End of a Festival_

_The End of a Festival_


// Twenty days ago, in a hot sunday afternoon, we send a _call for noise_ 
for a certain number of lists and friends. We asked people to send audio 
and visual noises to mix up, in a three-night experience, with projections 
and live music. The response from all over the world was great and we are 
happy to release some results of the project.

// But the game isn't over, yet!

// We move into this project to develop new ways of "public performance" 
that excide the classic"on-stage" experience.
We are interested in the idea of public performance as a stream of sounds, 
images, loops and videos, unleashed from set lists, tech rides and time 
limits. The two last experiences took place at the ESCAPE and Torre Malakoff.

// You can keep sending images, sounds, loops, videos to 
radio_recombo {AT} manguebit.org.br, we'll be thankfull and we gonna use all 
material on the next Radio Re:combo, allways a site near you...

// Questions and support
If you have questions about Radio Re:combo, please send them to 
info {AT} manguebit.org.br. For technical matters, contact us at 
webinfo {AT} manguebit.org.br.


Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 15:05:04 -0400 
From: Dominique Fontaine <dfontaine {AT} fondation-langlois.org>
Subject: The Program of Grants for Researcher in Residence: 2002 Call for  Research Proposals

Pour la version française :

[ Veuillez excuser les envois multiples / apologies for cross-posting ]

**Press Release**


Montreal, May 2, 2002 - The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and
Technology is launching a call for research proposals in the program of
grants for researcher in residence. This program being in its second year,
the Foundation hopes to foster critical thinking about how technologies
affect people and their natural and cultural environments.

Following an international competition open to historians, curators,
critics, independent researchers, artists and scientists, the Foundation
will enable two researchers to work in the collections and archives of the
Centre for Research and Documentation (CR+D). The research project must
focus on one of the Foundation's collections; a profile of the Foundation's
collections is available at the following URL: 

Twice a year, the CR+D will welcome a researcher for three to six months.
The researchers will be given access to computer and audiovisual equipment,
the Foundation's database and its documentary collections. Their research
findings will be published on the Foundation's Web site.

For more details on this initiative, consult the program of grants for
researcher in residence in the Funding Programs section of the Foundation's
Web site: 

The deadline for applying is *August 31, 2002*. If you don't have Internet
access, or if you have any questions about how to submit a project to the
Foundation, please contact the program officer Jacques Perron.

- - 30 -


Jacques Perron, jperron {AT} fondation-langlois.org
Program Officer for individual artists or scientists 
T: (514) 987-7177 
F: (514) 987-7492
E: info {AT} fondation-langlois.org
W: www.fondation-langlois.org


We've sent you this press release to keep you abreast of activities at the
Daniel Langlois Foundation. If you wish to be taken off our mailing list,
simply reply to this message with the words REMOVE from mailing list in the
subject line. Thank you.


Date: Sat, 04 May 2002 17:16:08 +0200 (MEST)
From: pz {AT} werkleitz.de
Subject: EMARE_last call for applications

Last chance!
Deadline 31.5.2002!!!

Please send applications not to Werkleitz but to 

V2_Organisation • Institute for the Unstable Media • Anne Nigten • 
Eendrachtsstr.10 • NL-3012 XL  Rotterdam • Netherlands •

European artists only! Sorry :-(
- --------------------------------------------------------------

European Media Artists in Residence Exchange

(English Version below! Please distribute the information!)

EMARE- Stipendien für europäische MedienkünstlerInnen nach Deutschland, England, 
Schottland und Holland

Im Herbst 2002 bis Frühjahr 2003 findet der achte European Media Artists in 
Residence Exchange statt.

Bis zum 31. Mai. 2002 können sich MedienkünstlerInnen (Digitale Medien / 
Internet / Video / Film, etc.) aus Europa (EU-Pass oder Wohnsitz) für ein 
zweimonatiges Stipendium entweder in Kingston Upon Hull bei der britischen 
Medienkunstorganisation Hull Time Based Arts, am Duncan of Jordanstone College 
in Dundee, Schottland, bei der Werkleitz Gesellschaft - Zentrum für 
künstlerische Bildmedien Sachsen-Anhalt oder bei der holländischen 
Medienkunstorganisation V2 in Rotterdam bewerben. Studierende sind nicht 

Das Stipendium besteht aus einem Zuschuß von 2.000,- Euro, Unterbringung, 
Fahrtkosten, dem Zugang zu der jeweiligen technischen Ausstattung 
(Computer,Video, Fotografie, Film, je nach Institution) und einer öffentlichen 
Abschlußpräsentation (Ausstellung / Vorführung).
Einreichungen sollten mit Vita, Referenzmaterialien (keine Originale) und 
ausgearbeitetem  Projektvorschlag in Englisch vorgenommen werden.

Deadline ist der 31. Mai 2002

Bewerbungsunterlagen mit den detaillierten Konditionen anfordern oder am 
einfachsten ausdrucken von der Website: http://www.werkleitz.de/emare

Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V. • EMARE • z. H. Frau Cathleen Mertens
Straße des Friedens 26 • D-39249 Tornitz
Tel: 03 92 98 - 675 - 0 • Fax 03 92 98 - 675 - 55
E-Mail: info {AT} werkleitz.de • URL: www.werkleitz.de/emare

EMARE wird durch das Kultusministerium des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt, dem Arts 
Council England & Scotland, dem niederländischen Ministerium für Kultur, dem 
British Council und dem Goethe Institut gefördert.

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
5. Werkleitz Biennale: ZUGEWINNGEMEINSCHAFT (Profitable Partnership)
31. July - 4. August 2002 http://www.werkleitz.de/zugewinngemeinschaft
- --------------------------------------------------------------------------

EMARE- Grants for European Media Artists for England, Scotland, Germany and 

The eighth European Media Artists in Residence Exchange will take place in 
Autumn 2002 to Spring 2003.

Europe based Media Artists in the fields of digital media including internet and 
computer based art, filmmakers, sound and video artists are invited to apply for 
a two month residence based stipend at Hull Time Based Arts, Kingston Uppon Hull 
in England; at Duncan of Jordanstone College School of Television and Imaging, 
Dundee, Scotland, at V2 Organisation, Rotterdam, Netherlands or at Werkleitz 
Gesellschaft's Center for  Media Arts Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Students are not 
permitted, but young artists encouraged. EMARE includes a grant of 2.000 Euro, 
free accomodation, 250 Euro travel expenses, access to the technical facilities 
and media labs and a professional presentation. Entries should include a CV, 
(audio)visual reference projects documentation and a proposal sketch for the 
project which should be developed within EMARE. Artists with residence in or 
identity card for EU and associated countries should contact one of the 

Contact following institutions for further details and application form or visit 
the homepage: http://www.werkleitz.de/emare      Deadline: May, 31, 2002


Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V. • EMARE • Peter Zorn • Strasse des Friedens 26 • 
D-39249 Tornitz • Tel: +49 (0)3 92 98 - 675 - 0 • Fax +49 (0)3 92 98 - 675 - 55 
• emare {AT} werkleitz.de • http://www.werkleitz.de/emare

Hull Time Based Arts • Gillian Dyson  • 42 High Street • GB-HU1 1PS Hull • UK • 
fon +44 1482 216446 • fax +44 1482 589952 • gill {AT} htba.demon.co.uk •  

Duncan of Jordanstone College • School of Television and Imaging • Mike Stubbs • 
Perth Road  • DD1 4HT Dundee • UK • fon +44 1 382223261 • fax +44 1 382226136 • 
stubbs {AT} easynet.co.uk • http://www.imaging.dundee.ac.uk

V2_Organisation • Institute for the Unstable Media • Anne Nigten • 
Eendrachtsstr.10 • NL-3012 XL  Rotterdam • Netherlands • fon +31 10 2067273 • 
fax +31 10 2067274 • anne {AT} v2.nl • http://www.v2.nl

    EMARE is supported by the Ministry of cultural affairs Saxony-Anhalt; Arts 
    Councils of England & Scotland; Yorkshire  Arts; Dutch Ministry for Culture, 
    British Council; Goethe Institute


Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 19:02:39 +0200
From: "Manne Granqvist" <manne-gr {AT} fc.dsv.su.se>
Subject: New Media initiatives in developing countries...?


My name is Manne Granqvist and I am an undergraduate informatics (systems
development) student from Sweden. I am combining informatics studies with
social sciences and focusing on the political/social aspects of systems
development and information technology.I am particularily interested in
economically poor regions and how information technology might be used to
support and emancipate people in those areas.

This fall I will carry through a thesis work in a low-income-country. I
would like to study some project that tries to develop and/or use
technology in alternative ways, on the conditions of the indegenous
culture/situation. I thought that maybe you know of any ICT projects in
such countries that you yourselves find promising and that you think would
suit my particular field of interest.I am particularily looking at Latin
America since (a) I know some Spanish and (b) I have been given a grant to
go there.

I would be very grateful for any help you may provide.

Maybe it would be better to post a request like this one on the nettime
discussion board...?


Manne Granqvist


Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 17:23:35 +0200 
From: Langenbrinck Gregor <Langenbrinck {AT} bauhaus-dessau.de>




The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation invites applications for the 2nd international
Bauhaus Award.

SUBJECT: Changes of urban space and public spheres through Information and
Communication Technology. Design of interfaces between "real worlds" and
"virtual worlds", between individuals or space and technology.

CATEGORIES: 1. Architecture and Urban Design. 2. Art and Design. 3.
Scientific and theoretical work.

PROJEKTS: realisations, designs, plans, publications, performances, essays,
researches, studies, concepts etc.

PRIZES: 1st prize 3000.- EUR. 2nd prize 1500.- EUR. 3rd prize 500.- EUR. In
addition, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation invites the main prize winners for a
4-week period of residence.

PARTICIPANTS: Designers and scholars born after Sept 1st, 1962 - younger
than 40 years (Individuals and groups)


CLOSING DATE: September 2nd, 2002

AWARD CEREMONY: October 26th, 2002

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation 
International Bauhaus Award 
Gropiusallee 38 
D-06846 Dessau
Fon +49 (0)340 6508 0 Fax +49 (0)340 6508 226
Email: mailto:langenbrinck {AT} bauhaus-dessau.de

AWARD DETAILS: http://www.bauhaus-dessau.de/en/projects.asp?p=award
More about the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation: http://www.bauhaus-dessau.de/ 
- ---
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mailto:lenssen {AT} bauhaus-dessau.de




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