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Eric Kluitenberg on Sat, 6 Sep 2003 06:38:53 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Next 5 Minutes - final program on-line


International Festival of Tactical Media

De Balie / Paradiso / Melkweg / Waag Society
NIM Montevideo / Imagine IC / SALTO



- Program-overview, see: "Program"
- Program day-by-day, see: "Schedule"
- Participants see: "People"

About the festival:

Media Tacticians from all continents will gather in Amsterdam, 
September 11 - 14 in Amsterdam for the fourth edition of the Next 5 
Minutes festival. The special character of the festival is marked by 
the fact that Next 5 Minutes is only put together when the times 
demand a new edition. Central to the festival is the concept of 
"tactical media", the fusion of art, media and politics. The 
preparations for the festival started on September 11, 2002, exactly 
one year after the 9/11 disaster. Now the festival is opened on 
September 11, 2003 with testimonies from Afghanistan, Iraq and the 
United States.

Next 5 Minutes testifies to the power of art and progressive media 
makers to produce media that is essentially different from the daily 
hyper-violent spectacles we are confronted with, especially via 
broadcast television. Tactical media are creative, engaged, they 
celebrate amateurism, they provide platforms for those voices left 
out elsewhere. During one year Tactical Media Labs have been 
organised on 6 continents in preparation for the festival. The result 
of all this activity can now be experienced by a broad audience in 

-Weekend passepartout: 35 Euro
-Day tickets: 20 Euro

You can find out more about the festival and the program via the 
festival web site. You can also register for our e-mail announcement 
list, at:

More information about the festival may also be obtained from the 
festival production office:
info {AT} n5m.org




Cybermohalla In its broadest imagination, one can see Cybermohalla as 
a desire for a wide and horizontal network (both real and virtual) of 
voices, texts, sounds and images in dialogue and debate. Mohalla in 
Hindi and Urdu means neighbourhood. Sarai's Cybermohalla project 
takes on the meaning of the word mohalla, its sense of alleys and 
corners, its sense of relatedness and concreteness, as a means for 
talking about one's 'place' in the city, and in cyberspace.

Bureau d'Etudes - Tactical Cartography Bureau d'Etudes from 
Strasbourg will create a large visual mapping of ownerships relations 
in the inter-national media industry. The maps will be on display in 
De Balie throughout the festival.

Podebal The Czech art group Podebal will show some of their 
remarkable and controversial projects such as the "Gallery of 
Established Nomenclatura". It revealed how little has changed in the 
personnel outfit of the ruling class since the fall of communism and 
lead to national scandal.

Critical Art Ensemble - Mobile Transgenic Fast-Food Test Lab An 
experimental set-up to test (fast-) food for the use of transgenic 
components (outlawed in the EU, but widely used in the US). The 
Leidse Plein area obviously holds a rich resource of testing 

Archeopteryx The old high-rises in the Amsterdam Southeast Bijlmer 
district are a stopping place for immigrants without a legal 
residence. Now that the old flats are going to be replaced, 
Archeopteryx (from Izhevsk, Russia) is PACKING one of them to call on 
people and local authorities to Handle (the hunted population) with 

The Riot Porn Video Booth Throw in a coin and have your twenty 
seconds pornographic activism experience!


PARADISO, FRI. SEP. 12th, DOORS OPEN: 20H00  Voicing Resistance

A performance night devoted to Hip Hop as a site of resistance that 
has long left its roots in the North American urbania. The 
performance night will bring together musicians and collectives with 
different backgrounds from, amongst others, Supersoul 
(Lex/Metatronix), Seth P. Brundle (Beta Bodega), Manuvers (Botanica 
del Jibaro) and La Mano Fria (Beta Bodega).

PARADISO, SAT. SEP. 13th  No: Escape:
Secured by CSE Systems

This evening program is a challenge to the current security concerns 
that have seized public discourse not only in the United States but 
also increasingly in countries such as The Netherlands. The occasion 
of the Next 5 Minutes festival is used to introduce a new complete 
security system bringing absolute safety to performance and club 
spaces such as Paradiso. CSE addresses the needs for security of a 
society in distress. We want to cater to this need with absolute 
perfection. The program is devoted to the inauguration of this new 
security system.

No Escape is a program with experimental electronic music, 
installations and several surprising guest performances. No Escape 
might be a long stretch: starting off at 8pm it only comes to an end 
ten hours later, at 6am.

Invited artists:
Funckarma vs. Shadowhuntaz (Dub / Skam), Cane (Warp), -Ziq 
(Planet-Mu), Erol Arkan, Rauw, Carbon Defence League, and Joost van 

State of Sabotage / Speculative Archive / Clausthome

State of Sabotage presents AMIKEJO - The National Dish and Consulate 
SoS will present its national dish and lay claim to visitors' 
abdominal territory. The national dish will be dispensed to visitors 
and remain in their colons forever. This dish is the maraschino 
cherry, specially engraved with SoS typography. The performance (or 
communion) will take place on stage in and around a Mongolian yurt, 
festively accompanied by the electronic sounds of DJ Pomassl.

Speculative Archive The Speculative Archive works with existing 
collections of historical records to produce new documents. Current 
research focuses on state secrecy as a memory practice and its 
effects on contemporary political dynamics.

Clausthome This industrial and digital noise ensemble from Riga, 
Latvia has managed to re-inspire a well-known genre. Their sound/ 
performances are always challenging, but also visually inspiring.

MELKWEG, SAT. SEP. 13th, DOORS OPEN: 20H30 fem snd

Due to the heavy under-representation of women in electronic music 
and dj culture, the fem snd party will focus on the aspect of giving 
female artists the opportunity to perform their work. Particularly 
emphasis is placed on artists who, besides doing their own artistic 
work, are also active in political contexts, and in building networks 
and platforms for other artists. The focus is on experimental 
electronic club music looking for groundbreaking conceptual and 
technical innovations.



Within the program much attention is given to media activism, but 
also to cinematic interesting films that seek a connection with the 
thematic threads of the festival. The American "Whispered Media" 
present We interrupt this Empire and Boom! The sound of Eviction. 
Also screened is The horribly Stupid Stunt. In this film the 
collective "The Yes Men" documents how one of them, as a fake 
delegate from WTO, is making an absurd speech at a congress of 
unsuspectingly lawyers. Craig Baldwin's Spectres of the Spectrum is a 
science fiction film based on found footage in which the history of 
media technology is interwoven with a distopical vision of the 
future. This diversity of short and long movies is presented in 
blocks with themes like Global Conflict, Political protest and Urban 
displacement. Some of the makers will be present at the festival. 
After 1h there will be a nightly cult program in the Melkweg.

Media Library

The Media Library will be a permanent space in the festival that 
hosts a collection of media productions with a specific social, 
cultural or political agenda. Media of crisis, criticism and 
opposition. Media that provide an antidote to the world as we see it 
represented in mainstream media and current geopolitics. Any festival 
participant can access the Media Library during the festival.

Hybrid Media Studio

As in previous editions, Next 5 Minutes is more than an event for 
presentation and debate about media, it is also an event where a lot 
of media-output is produced on site. The nerve centre of the media 
production during N5M4 will be the Hybrid Media Studio. The concept 
takes the fusion of different media-forms within a hybridised digital 
media network as its starting point. Radio, television, internet, 
wireless transmission, satellite and other forms of electronic media 
production continue to exist in their own right, but they are also 
more and more often combined into expanded media formats that involve 
two or more media at once. The Hybrid Media Studio brings these 
different media-forms together in one space, and connects them to all 
available media-infrastructures. Amsterdam offers unique 
possibilities for non-commercial free media programming on local TV 
and radio, as well as various web-casting facilities. From the Hybrid 
Media Studio continuous live programming will be fed to local media 
outlets, to international (satellite-) outlets, and to local media 
partners in other cities in the world. What makes the studio hybrid 
is its trans-genre approach, and its trans-local distribution.

Open Space / Tactical Autonomous Zones (TAZ)

An element first introduced in the third edition of Next 5 Minutes in 
1999 that we wish to foreground more are the Tactical Autonomous 
Zones. These are un-programmed but fully equipped presentation spaces 
where participants can sign up themselves for a presentation. The 
idea is to create open zones in the festival for impromptu 
presentations and gatherings, spaces for contestation and difference. 
Registration for the TAZ is open to all festival participants and 
works on a first come first serve basis.

The complete festival program can be found on the festival web site:

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