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<nettime> Drawing the map of the world stored in our collective conscien
Douwe Osinga on Sat, 6 Sep 2003 06:49:38 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Drawing the map of the world stored in our collective conscience

Hi Nettimers,

I have always been fascinated by maps. Maps are not only a
picture of the world, they also picture out mind. Let somebody 
draw a map of the world and you'll get a map of her/his world. 
That's why Europe is in the middle of a European map, China in 
the middle of a Chinese map and the US is in the middle of a 
map from the United States.

I have designed a little weblet that lets visitors collectively 
draw a world map. The map is drawn in yellow (land) and blue 
(sea). One small block, however is red. Visitors are then 
requested to decide whether this small block should be land 
or sea for the map to look like the world.

By filtering visitors based on their ip numbers, different 
maps can be drawn, giving a picture of how people from different 
regions think the world look like. But that's someway off. For 
now you can help the project by visiting:


As you can imagine, it takes quite some clicks for a world map 
to appear, so if you like the project and have a website, please 
consider putting up a link.

Douwe Osinga

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