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<nettime> From a Country Called America
nettime's_roving_reporter on Tue, 28 Oct 2003 10:09:56 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> From a Country Called America

If you ever wanted a good site to cover goings on in Latin America Narco
News was it ... but now maybe its just too late:

>From a Country Called Amerrica

A week ago, Narco News announced that today, Saturday, October 18, would be 
our last date of publication, at least for 2003, and quite possibly forever.
And what a week it was.....


The three-and-a-half years miracle:

Narco News to suspend publishing indefinitely on October 18

by Al Giordano

In memoriam: Carlos Sannchez oLópez (1954-2003)

Narco News regrets to inform our readers that your trilingual online
newspaper will suspend publishing new reports on October 18, three-and-a-half
years after we began reporting on the drug war and democracy from Latin

The suspension will be indefinite, it may be permanent, but the suspension
will last at least until the New Year. We thank our readers and supporters
who have helped to keep Narco News publishing non- stop since April 18, 2000.

Before explaining the realities that led to this decision, I'd like to say
the following...

see also:

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