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Re: <nettime> French vote for a citizen's Europe
porculus on Thu, 2 Jun 2005 23:47:50 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> French vote for a citizen's Europe

> who is the sovereign?

i heard regis debray (the guy of mediologie) some time befor as it went
without saying yes 'if the yes win it would be a proof that all media here
have def won the power' (he says that first without political apriori
but just about the technical context of the consultation, er what was the
real political enjeux of course, for what he was quite right, i mean for
once i understand what he was saying, cause often i dont), cause indeed what
was incredible was one could ask to people its advice in saying 'you have no
choice vote oui' cause all the =E9tablissement, as would say my bud jean marie
lepen, was pro yes. of course you could say 'french' are fickle, loose etc.
but perhaps not in their looseness, so crac they vote niet, nada, no, nein
und so veiter.and now who is the sovereign? incredible how you could imagine
the consternation of the french elite, so much you could hear such thing as,
i dont know, er democratie is too important thing to leave it to the people,
specialy so froggy or whatever. this aspect is very important: as god you
couldnt put a democratie on test. or without premeditation to deny it. or
else without to believe in its metaphysic for exasperating people
with,  such infantilization is cynic. vox populi vox dei & yes there is
several gods in europe, ok they drove war etc, but if europe is a
so grand idea it has to find nice & short words, not all  a bunch of tag of
accountant & lawyer protocol good for indenting rhizome artbase. it's an
aesthetical question

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