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<nettime> homo futuris: COSMIC COMMUNAUTS & Co.
Alex Karschnia on Thu, 28 Sep 2006 15:06:32 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> homo futuris: COSMIC COMMUNAUTS & Co.


andcompany&Co.: COSMIC COMMUNAUTS:

The future is now, but how did we get here? Cosmic communauts are 
time-travellers searching for all our yesterdayâ??s tomorrows. This 
lecture is a performance is a concert about the history of the future in 
the 20^th century. Today we know: The armâ??s race was a space race, the 
cold war an international cover-up to colonize outer-space and our 
planet finally turned into a global free-trade-zone to get fit for 
cosmic commerce. This future-drama is an anachronistic celebration of 
hopes passed and futures failed in soundsâ??nâ??words: Visit the red planet 
with the bolshevist Bogdanov, step in the World Communeâ??s interplanetary 
vessels with Vladimir Mayakovsky or have a chat with H.G. Wells and 
Lenin, the first alien in the Kremlin: â??Communist cosmonauts got 
contact!â?? Today, just like yesterday, the focus is on the figure of the 
alien which is threatening the old order as secret agent, unregistered 
migrant or a virus from outer space. Is our present haunted by ghosts of 
the past or visited by spirits of the future? By ancient astronauts or 
mutant men from another millenium? Weâ??re all cosmic communauts, so get 
ready for a strange encounter of the third kind in the fourth dimension: 
Time is the place to be, historyâ??s a mystery, back to the future on 
Septembre 30^th in the Domzaal.

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