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"Alex Foti" <alex.foti {AT} gmail.com>

>ACT 4 RADICAL EUROPE (A4RE, "ayforee")
>manifesto for a transnational political association acting for social
>and ecological justice

justice through reason is not justice


management is not harmony


colonialism is transnational



>for your net-art refutation of a4re. can't say i share its
>intellectual premises

'fukc u' transcends intellect.  [secondly -- the occident marsupials
moderating nettime
censor my posts unless i appear 'uncivilized' - asa ca ii acomodez]
it is emotional -- hence a seed\metaphorical\more than

>, but hell it's nifty and covers a lot of ground
>with aesthetic concision.

emotion, and thus a living being, is brimming with potential.
for a human being, emotion is intuitive -- it saves time+effort and depicts
one's initiative.

it cannot be proven wrong and it resembles cooking - a little of this + a
little of that
+ a pinch of salt + in a pinch of time one begets a meal - which is more
tasty + orderly
than the angular. quantized. rationalized/secularized. simply planned +
explicated into
a dry toothless tasteless paste .eu \ ur occident nonsense  [although i
cannot blame u - it is what raised u

>We are not occidentalists, though.

it may be you do not smell your occidentalism
but you emanate it profusely, eg. BRANDED fanaticism \tm\

>That charge can be leveled at
>Buruma, Garton Ash, Ferguson, Hitchens, but not at us.

my point precisely \tm\

Buruma, Garton Ash, Ferguson, Hitchens -- coca.cola. mcdonalds. pulafashion.

daiiii ragazzo - tell me of your mother filosofie instead.
more than likely she's wiser those those krikets.


because it takes wisdom\emotion\lv to raise a child into a complete human be=

>because we
>don't think euramerica is the way for the future and in fact would
>like to wean Europe off Atlanticism (a major component of
>Occidentalism, don't you think?).

you mean western europe

but yes i agree. i don't think 'europe' is the way of the future nor the pas=
and in fact would like to wear off the east from the increasingly poor
western europe

>We are rather for secularism
>wherever we can find it.

that is occidentalism.

>I think it'd be hard to dispute the fact that
>europe is a more secular region of the world than any other.

as i said - increasingly poor.

>We are
>for social equality.

confusing western democracy for equality and\or freedom [prostituted termz]
is 1x mistake.
occident democracy sanitizes inequality and makes war ubiquitos + comestible=
inequality is disguised in grandiose displays of 'civilized' comportment -
4 peace stability +
standardized prostitution opportunities which confer no real sustainable
comfort to human beings

in occident democracy, the centralized control espoused by the church and
is buried beneath a monstrous labyrinth of 'civilized'\'reasoned' rules +
regulations rendering
the human being free of desire and potentiality and thus of meaningfulness.

the .eu after destroying its citizens (and even in ur kase ->
is blissfully destroying the rich, grown, aged tapestry of eastern europe
infecting it with delusional rational planned new + improved + more
affordable\byte size
unsustainable `utopias`

any fool can plan progress and compartmentalize life

the occident is blissfully 'advancing' towards 100% 'futurological congress'

>Again, egalitarianism is stronger here than
>elsewhere, with the possible exception of korea and japan (more
>authoritarian societies than euroland, though) and latin america
>(which started from the most strident levels of inequality worldwide,

CENTRALIZED 'egalitarianism' is stronger in all so called [by the 1st world
not unlike ur 'manifesto']
1st world countries.

REAL egalitarianism can only happen through mutual understanding, ie.
occurs exclusively
in informal small scale relationships, thus REAL egalitarianism is stronger
in the so called 3rd world countries.

this cannot be otherwise \and elucidates the superficiality and intrinsic
of western democracy\ for in 1st world countries law and reason exist above
human sentiments.

ur secularism\reason is more detached from [human] life than organized relig=

the very idea of western equality is inequality -- applying one RULE. one LA=
to the amalgam of people irrespective of their character + temperament +

don't _think reason trascends ONE. it distributes it across multiple entitie=

what the '1st world' entitles inequality and corruption in the '3rd world'
\mind you -- the '3rd world' is now in the .eu\  is the very essence of life
which the '1st world' in their impotent 'secular' fear + dychotomy has worn =
into compartmentalized + ultra-sec commandments.

the occident 'advanced' the occident into an unlivable unsustainable
secular hell
through the division of labor, world, reality, by consuming. digesting. and
the '3rd world's wealth into myriad modular desacralized components.

all that for thiiiiiis pitiful assemblage of rootless/m9ndfukd/passion-less
the 1st world proudly describes as lawful citizens.

the 1st world hasn't anything of value to offer human beings.
its very essence is the degradation, devaluation, and compartmentalization
of human existence.
the 1st world\aka last world is simply poor -- for prostitution is not wealt=
wealth is cooking.

hence kindly bundle up ur sorry radical philosophers \tm\ + remain where
the fukc u are \pl\ease\


>I think the planned rationalism charge carries more weight.

what you entitle 'secular' is in fact distilled + conveniently bottled
context-free christianity ...
new + improved. gm. 0 calories. 0 fat. sanitized. obfuscated. prostituted.
truly insincere.

whilst christianity demands one prostate oneself before GOD
western democracy demands one prostate oneself before the LAW/REASON

in the east, much as capitalism in the west,
communism undertook the modernization/transposition of the small scale
and attempted to unite the material+spiritual worlds through secular
mysticism - and thus failed.
western democracy undertook the parallel path of making the mass
prostitution and rape of hope
ubiquitos and RIGHT.

>Some could
>find the possible jacobinism

                   occident isz krema

>of the document offputting. And certainly
>we are a motley buch of activists

i deduce 'we' is an amalgam of urban shaped. government pedicured. ie. 3rd
world lactated activists
who have never killed the food 'we' peacefully consumes -- and because of th=
'we considers themselves civilized. superior. secular. rational.

however, 'we's very existence and aspirations are dependent on the mass
production power grid which 'we' opposes,
ironically, through similar good intentioned transnational manifestos.

>who should know better than trying
>to put too much order on present historical chaos.

what appears chaotic in large scale is extremely mutual at the small scale.
the modern secular city exists at the expense of the backward pagan village,
the civilized 1st world exists at the expense of the barbaric 3rd world,
the large scale exists at the expense of the small scale.

this is what lrg scale systems are perfecting -- transposition
of the small scale into the lrg scale [extending the sensors] -
communism failed. western democracy is more fluid however as in alphaville
lemmy indicates to alpha 60 that if it suceeds in completely understanding
the small scale [pervasive undetectable control is contingent upon
it will become as the small scale and implode.

>But see, we


>consider the eu an elitist rather than a colonialist project.

i agree - the eu isn't trying to exploit. subjugate. control.
it is trying to 'civilize' the 'barbarians' [east]
ie. to succeed where communism has failed.

more ice cream -- for the sake of 'peace' - add 4 scoops 4 occident democrac=
monnet style.

>And we'd
>really hate to leave it in the hands of financial establishments and
>government technocracies, after the neoliberal and monetarist version

societies with a highly advanced financial system
are more FREE - logical

it is logical that the illogical should contradict the logical

>of europe was decisively defeated twice by the popular vote.

likewise a balkan peasant votes against
'we' monnet Jonathan Israel spinoza malebranche Locke isz krema

>We don't really see why we should leave merkel and barroso free to
>decide over our heads and our lives what direction europe should take,
>like at the Berlin summit in couple of months, which also celebrates
>the 50th anniversary of the european community. I mean, the g8 sucks


the g8 sucks but noone protesting the g8 manufactures their own clothes
ie. they depend on g8 2 clothe\civilize them ... etc etc ... g8 bla bla
and bla bla bla mais tout =E7a =3D more fashionable distractions
for the new and improved wonderfully costumed generation.

the issue is simply singular - _you_

protest +?  _ the protest you speak of is as a 15min. commercial - it is a
a veritable, ie. sustainable protest is life=3Dwater.

radical =3D=3D 1x reklama\commercial.
but there is nothing radical about life. life isn't a hammer blow.
it is the _flow_ of water.

>Or maybe what really bothers you is our reference to the European

what may bother you is
that the .eu understands that it must become water
while 'we' is attempting to become hammer.

>, some rebuilding needs to take
>place. Dystopia (or ecocide, or new orleans, or extreme social
>darwinism, you name it) can be deconstructed, but it needs to be
>halted, too.

it cannot happen the way you _think.

an - it is not a question of heroism but of flow

reason produces hammers
whilst life flows

per chance ur philosophers are thirsty
\+\ in the process shut THE FUKC UP
and start living


                               SSUKc_IT+C \+\

                                                        | | konsistency =3D
dze limit ov slavery

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                 herausgegeben v=F8m !nternat!onalen
!nst!tut f:ur ordnung |+| d!sz!pl!n
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