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<nettime> Serbian elections revisited
Ivo Skoric on Fri, 26 Jan 2007 17:07:00 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Serbian elections revisited

Amusingly, most of the Western media reported on Serbian Radicals 
winning the elections in Serbia, almost as that means the Seselj will 
return back from The Hague and take the position of the president of 
Serbia within months. Major western media almost delighted in the 
fascist party victory as a proof of their entrenched prejudice that 
Serbia is the proverbial bad apple of the Balkans.

I am glad that there is at least one report written in English 
testifying to the contrary. First, for Americans, acustomed to the 
two-party political system, sometimes it is  difficult to follow two 
dozens of parliamentary parties in emerging democracies of post-
communist countries, where an absolute majority is absolutely 

The truth of Serbia is that Radicals have the most unique followers, 
because for all fascists it is always easier to follow one leader, 
while the majority of Serbs vote for the multiple choice of parties, 
none of which want to form a coalition with Radicals. Therefore, 
Radicals will remain noise in parliament, as they are for past 
fiftteen years, banking on Seselj's defiance in The Hague, among the 
less educated, disaffected, angry, low income people. But since the 
government is a coalition project, and no EU-bound politician in 
Serbia wants to be seen near Radicals, they will never be a part of 

So, this is a good analisys:

Ivo Skoric
105 Robbins Street
Rutland VT 05701
ivo {AT} balkansnet.org

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