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Re: <nettime> Debtors' of The World Unite! The Initiative to form an Int
Matze Schmidt on Sat, 24 Sep 2011 09:27:16 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Debtors' of The World Unite! The Initiative to form an International Debtors' Party.

Hi Dmytri,

yes, but the paryt was simply your kind of proposition to the rest of
the text.


> It is not in the workplace that the
> appropriation is felt, but rather after work, when they go home to pay
> their bills.

this is maybe a slightly too simple view on what's called free or
leisure time.
There is only "free" time since there was a working time for wage
beforehand (a non-free time and a stolen time for surplus work to
produce the surplus product [overproduction]) and because there was a
time without working for wage before the working time for wage. What
seems to be left here is time to voting for parties, if you like via
liquid democracy technologies -- in its ideologiocal parts a pluralistic
and anti-proletarian technology -- but it remains voting within a
sysrtem of representation.

So important is first and foremost the time-horizon and not the places
shifted or the drift of places. For with every hour of wage work workers
(and service providers) pay a sort of bill, the time bill.


>> The Pirate Party Germany is just a young liberal party defending
>> benefits for and of middle class business or creative people in the so
>> called hypermobile city as some belive Berlin may be one.

> Hey Matze, the text is not about the pirate party.

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