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Re: <nettime> They know not what they do
Morlock Elloi on Wed, 24 Jan 2018 16:34:03 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> They know not what they do

But the problem is, does IQ measure intelligence? Or is IQ uniquely
the measure of that aspect of intelligence associated with the
treatment of technical tasks, from which computer reasoning is
derived? IQ has little to say about such essential aspects of
intelligence as affectivity, perceptual sensitivity, creativity,
intuition or imagination.

For the current argument, let's just assume that 'intelligence' is what IQ tests measure, repeatedly and reliably, and which reliably predicts many aspects of performance and behavior.

There is no difference between mythologizing 'human mind' and describing 'intelligence' as something elusive, impossible to measure, from the other dimension, but which somehow forever differentiates humans from machines. Same thing, The Undefinable Something That Makes Humans Humans (USTMHH) implies, by definition, that nothing (except God or Cthulhu?) can replicate humans, because it cannot be defined, so we are safe. Word game. I totally agree that USTMHH is umeasurable and unattainable, and it doesn't matter one bit, its unmeasurability and undefineability are irrelevant, its existence is a matter of belief.

What matters is the end game of symbiotic relationship of humans and machines. Right now it's kind of delineated, and if an autonomous drone deposits a bullet in you because your cell tower connection pattern looked sinister, the command chain and responsibility can probably be traced to some law enforcement official, MAGAf data collection and coder from General Dynamics. But it will get twice and trice removed, and it's easy to imagine that at some point you get hunted down without obvious or indirect explanation. It's a small step from there to the system that figured out how to protect itself from the likes of you. Say, in 50 jurisdictions 'the people' disabled such system, but in one they failed because of a bug in electoral process. Now that is called Darwinian evolution.

This is an artificial example, and proves nothing one way or another, it simply illustrates possible parallels between the evolution we know works, and conditions that may get replicated in the future with machines as subjects.

But the most important thing to understand is that not understanding underlying mechanisms is not a barrier to exploiting, replicating or accidentally triggering them.

We (humans) already have capability to completely terminate life on the planet, so it's high time to admit that we are gods. I know, terrifying.

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