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[Nettime-nl] Impakt Festival 2002 is now online !
Arjon Dunnewind on Thu, 24 Oct 2002 00:21:02 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Impakt Festival 2002 is now online !

The website of the Impakt Festival 2002 is now online:
The site is completely bilingual (English/Dutch)

29 Oct. - 3 Nov.

Former Court Building - Hamburgerstraat 28
and Cinema 't Hoogt and Concert Hall De Vloer
in Utrecht, The Netherlands

From 29 October - 3 November the Impakt festival will be experiencing 
its 13th edition. The interdisciplinary character will be further 
emphasised at the coming festival. Various nights during the festival 
will present programmes which combine the new media, visual arts, 
music, film and video.

The principal parts of the Impakt Festival 2002 are:
Panorama new media program with a selection of net-art and CD-roms
The couch.club, where artists present and discuss their work
The exhibition 'Encounters',
The film, video and lecture programme 'World Perfect',
The film/video programme 'Panorama'
and the music programme.

The new media program features a selection of outstanding net.art and 
CD-Roms by artists like Igor Stromajer/MC Brane [Slovenia], Michael 
Janoschek/Rüdiger Schlömer [Germany], David Still [UK], Peter 
Mühlfriedel & Tim Büsing [Germany], Michael Aschauer/Maia 
Gusberti/Sepp Deinhofer/Nik Thoenen [Austria], Thor Magnussen & 
Enrike Hurtado [DK/UK], Michelle Glaser/ Andrew Hutchison/ 
Marie-Louise Xavier [Australia], Jim Punk [France], Sacha Graf 

The couch.club
Artists from various parts of the festival program will enlighten 
their work and discuss topics like Art and Voyeurism, the 
Performative Aspects in Media Art and the Signature of Music Software.
Moderators: Ine Poppe, Maria Pask and Derek Holzer.

The exhibition's emphasis is on the presentation of names from the 
contemporary international art circuit who are currently the focus of 
interest and there is room for less well-known young, talented 
artists. These include: Eija Liisa Ahtila (FIN), Jeroen Eisinga (NL), 
Wineke Gartz (NL), Serge Onnen (NL), Aïda Ruilova (USA) and Kenny 
Macleod (NL).
Works which seek to link tangible, physical spaces and non-physical 
content will be central to this exhibition. Among other things, this 
will be expressed in works which appeals to the personal or political 
dimensions of a space, human body space and its relationship with the 
mind or space as the immediate reflection of the mind. Besides 
existing work, the exhibition will also showcase new site-specific 

Film, Video and Lecture Programme
World Perfect
This year, guest curator Florian Wüst compiled the film and lecture 
programme 'Thoughts about the future - Utopias and Dystopias' for the 
Impakt festival. The programme utopias and dystopias and the role 
they play in past and present from various perspectives. The West's 
industrialised position in the world, globalisation and population 
growth are just some of the themes which will be examined. 'Utopias 
and dystopias, dreams and terrifying visions of future societies 
which most clearly formulate ideas on this subject', states Wüst.
The film and video programmes, and lectures will pay attention to 
thoughts on progress, the abuse of ideals or emotions of insecurity 
and the government and media's role in all this.
The programme includes work by: MVRDV [NL], Alexander Hahn [CH], Stan 
Vanderbeek [USA], Rotraut Pape [D], Chris Cunningham [UK], Mike 
Hoolboom [CDN], Tobias Bernstrup [S], Aleesa Cohene [CDN].

An annual part of Impakt is the Panorama programme which provides an 
overview of the latest developments in audiovisual art. Every year, 
Impakt receives well over 2,400 submissions for the Panorama 
programme from all over the world. These include film, video and new 
media. In the end, only a small percentage of these make it into the 
festival programme. The selection process examines the submissions 
for originality, uniqueness and the manner in which the work relates 
to contemporary developments and problems in modern art.
This year works by artists including: Igor Sevcuk (NL), Emily 
Richardson (UK), Lara Lin (USA), Corinna Schnitt (D) and Donnigan 
Cumming (CAN) have been selected for the Panorama programme.

This year, the music programme will pay attention to current 
movements within the jungle genre, the latest generation of 
electronic music artists and influence of hip-hop. The music 
programming also seeks out a synergy between sound and images. For 
example, we will be working with artists who themselves work with 
images or interesting combinations and cooperations will be sought 
with video artists.
Anticipated artists include: Push Button Objects, Gcttcatt, Def Jux, 
Arthur Ivens, Kandis, Hrvatski & Greg Davies.

Impakt Festival 2002 will take place at three locations in Utrecht. 
This year, the festival centre will be located in the former court 
building (on the corner of the Hamburgerstraat and Lange 
Nieuwstraat). Installations will be on show here, video works will be 
screened and the building houses the information desk, the video and 
media library and the festival restaurant. The rest of the film and 
video screenings will take place in film theatre 't Hoogt. And, like 
last year, the concerts will be held in De Vloer.

Organised by: Impakt http://www.impakt.nl/

Arjon Dunnewind
Impakt Festival
P.O. Box 735
3500 AS  Utrecht
The Netherlands

If you use a courier service you must have your parcel delivered to 
our office address:
Impakt Festival, Damstraat 19, 3531 BP Utrecht, The Netherlands

Tel.: + 31 30 2944493
2nd phone: + 31 30  2963408
mobile: + 31 6 5155 7875
Fax.: + 31 30 2944163

arjon {AT} impakt.nl (work)
arjon {AT} xs4all.nl (home and abroad)
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