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nat muller on Thu, 20 Nov 2003 10:52:49 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] [foam-events][p~lot : 8]

FoAM invites you to:

	the presentation of Entropy8Zuper's "8" and a round table discussion 
on game and play with p~lot workshop participants

Friday, 21 November 2003, 19.30 - 21.30
	/f0am/tmp/ Kanal 20 / Barthelemylaan 20/22 1000 Brussels Belgium

"8" is a work of non-linear fiction based on the many versions of the 
fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. It takes the form of a single-player 
offline computer game in which the player leads a young girl through a 
ruined palace where everyone is sleeping. By solving certain problems, 
the girl will acquire magical abilities which will allow for a lot of 
creativity for the player within the virtual world. This world is 
filled with narrative elements by means of which the viewer can 
construct his or her own stories.

Auriea Harvey & MichaŽl Samyn have been working together since 1999 as 
Entropy8Zuper! and before that seperately as Entropy8, Zuper! and Group 
Z, Belgium. After acquiring a considerable reputation as web designers 
and internet artists , they founded Tale of Tales in 2002 for the 
purpose of creating computer games.


This presentation is a part of the exhibition 	
	'Play Lab on Open Grown Territories' (p~lot)

Degustation of games and plays, cooked up at the p~lot workshop in
Groznjan, Croatia

Exhibition is open:

	Thursday 20 - Saturday 22 November 2003 16.00 - 19.00
/f0am/tmp/ Kanal 20 / Barthelemylaan 20/22 1000 Brussels, Belgium

what can you experience?

illustrations and stories of the p~lot role playing game characters,
with their inflatable and wearable skins

Q3A level, as the magical extension of Groznjan, its models and designs

reinterpretation of Groznjan, with its legends in sound, image, thematic
foods and coctails

contact: info {AT} fo.am / +32-2-5135928


to all the p~lot participants and especially the workshop leaders Julian
Oliver, Cocky Eek and Nat Muller, as well as Naima Balic for her support
and fruitful suggestions and Goran Kuzmanovic for dealing with the
Croatian logistics.

p~lot is supported as an International Cultural Project by De Ministerie
van de Vlaamse gemeenschap - administratie Cultuur

p~lot workshop was a part of the txOom project (http://fo.am/txoom/),
supported by the Culture 2000 framework of the European Commission, De
Ministerie van de Vlaamse gemeenschap - administratie Cultuur and the
Croatian Musical Youth

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