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[Nettime-nl] Trans_European Picnic: The Art and Media of Accession
V2_ on Thu, 18 Mar 2004 11:00:29 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Trans_European Picnic: The Art and Media of Accession

Trans_European Picnic: The Art and Media of Accession
April 30 - May 01 2004
Novi Sad, Serbia
Hosted by kuda.org (Novi Sad) in collaboration with V2_,Institute for the 
Unstable Media (Rotterdam)

On May 1, 2004 the European Union will expand beyond its current “core 
Europe” constellation to include, for the first time, nations of the former 
Eastern and Non-Aligned Blocks. For these ten nations the ‘day of 
accession’ is the opportunity to rejoin a European sphere which, for many, 
was felt to have been robbed through the militarily enforced alliances of 
the Cold War.

By recalling the pan-European Picnic of 1989 along the Austrian-Hungarian 
border, which induced the events leading to the collapse of the Berlin 
Wall, the Trans_European Picnic will mark the resultant shift in Europe’s 
geopolitical structure. For many however, the ‘opening’ brought about by 
the events of 1989 are now to be met by ‘managed closure’, restricted 
mobility, the revival of ‘visa regimes’ delineating new barriers and 
borders as well as the imposition of new top-down regulations, 
bureaucracies and standards.

Through a two-day electronic media arts and culture gathering in and around 
the city of Novi Sad, Serbia, not far beyond the European Union’s new 
transnational edge, the Picnic will bring together artists, theoreticians 
and media practitioners from across Europe to explore the changing cultural 
and artistic landscape within and beyond this new conglomerate of competing 
cultures, economies and identities. The Trans_European Picnic will provide 
a lively platform of debate and exchange into the evolving sense of 
identity and new forms of collaboration active in countering the growing 
gap separating the Europe of the “Out-side” from the Europe of the “In-side”.

With presentations by a.o.: Luchezar Boyadziev (BG), Bojana Petric 
(HU/SCG), Stephen Kovats (CA/HU/NL), Marion von Osten (DE), Florian 
Schneider (DE), Vuk Cosic (SI), Vladan Joler (SCG), Media Art Farm (GE), 
Nat Muller (NL), Edit András (HU), Basak Senova (TR), Milos Vojtechovský (CZ)

Performances by a.o.: State of Sabotage (AT), inf.act (GE), Anabala (TR), 
Connected Art Workers’ Stream in collaboration with \An`a*tom"ic\ (Waag 
Society / Guy Van Belle, NL)

Screenings by a.o.: Zelimir Zilnik (SCG), Janko Baljak (SCG), Pavel Braila 
(MD), Hubert Czerepok (PL), Joost Conijn (NL), film&video selection by 

More info:

office {AT} kuda.org
tel/fax + 381 21 512 227

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