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[Nettime-nl] Lecture No 1 ON PATROL (De Appel, 22-2, 20.00) (Modified by GeertLovink)

Tuesday 22 February 2005

Lecture No 1 ON PATROL

  By Jill Magid and Julia Scher.

  The work of the American artist Jill Magid (1973) is riddled with 
double meanings. She transgresses the boundaries of observation, 
becomes a voyeur and turns us into voyeurs as well. In the era of 
surveillance cameras, seeing and being seen has become commonplace and 
is one of Magid’s favourite tools.

  For years and years Julia Scher (1954) has been making complex 
installations with surveillance cameras, revealing the mechanisms and 
menace attendant on technological developments in this field. She has 
also made photoworks and works for the Web. Her work is frequently 
shown in the United States and Europe. Scher regularly delivers 
lectures about security under the title Security by Julia.

  Start: 8 p.m.
  Admission: € 5,- (incl. exhibition)
  Reservations: t. (020) – 62 55 651 / e. press {AT} deappel.nl
Language: English


  01 March 2005
Lecture No 2 ON PATROL
By Marc Bijl and Yucef Merhi.
  Introduction by Siebe Thissen (historian/philosopher/head of the 
public space department, CBK Rotterdam).
  Start: 8.30 p.m.

  8 March 2005
  An open platform for contemporary art and the ideal spot for everybody 
who wants to show his/her work to a large audience.
  Start: 8 p.m.

De Appel
Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10
  + 31 (0)20 62 55 651

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