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[Nettime-nl] 20 april Amsterdam: A Crystalpunk Workshop for the Chain-Re
Wilfried Hou Je Bek on Mon, 17 Apr 2006 12:08:55 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] 20 april Amsterdam: A Crystalpunk Workshop for the Chain-Reaction Glitterati

A Crystalpunk Workshop for the Chain-Reaction
By Socialfiction.org
20 April 2006
Overtoom 301
PSWAR Amsterdam ( http://www.pswar.org ) 
entry free

Crystalpunk is a rally cry for people to come together
and start making all sorts of weird things, things
slightly of kilter that need a crystalpunk to have its
delights appreciated, things that are radical but hurt

Other people, ?professionals?, are making things too.
In art, in architecture, in computer science, in
biology, crystalpunks want to share in their
excitement, often feeling it more than they do, but
understanding it through reverie not formalism. 

At socialfiction.org we have been thinking about
gargoyle computation [rococo automated search &
gargoylisation not optimisation], software as a
crystal ball [cellular automata as discrete little
worlds that hide complex operations creating a
universe to be discovered by its users], pattern
formation [put your fingers on your closed eyelids &
press gently], non conventional computing [molecule
based & sea based], unintentional intelligence [the
wildtype adaptivism of BacterioPoetics]. Somewhere in
the middle we started writing a chain-reaction
automaton: on the GUI a Grid, inside it rectangles are
activated to rotate one step, activating others to
rotate one step of 4 on close contact. The crystalpunk
can interact with it: creating patterns, signalling it
and monitoring its output. But the rules that guide
its movement are mind boggling gargoyly. Can it
Compute? Can it loop forever? These and many other
questions are to be explored during this workshop.

The script we have made is a sloppy bit of Python code
and in this workshop we invite you to make things
[fractalline patterns, logic gates, literature,
self-destructing embroidery forms] on top of it. 

Please bring your computer if you have one. 

The script can be downloaded now from:

Download Python: http://www.python.org 


WildStyle BacterioPoetics:



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