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[Nettime-nl] Location Based Play workshop {AT} Picnic
Waag Society / Locative Media on Sat, 23 Sep 2006 10:46:51 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Location Based Play workshop {AT} Picnic

Tijdens Picnic'06 zijn er nog een paar plaatsen over in deze vrij toegankelijke workshop. Donderdag 28 sep, 14-17 uur. Registreer je via locativemedia {AT} waag.org. Uptodate info ook op http://www.waag.org/picnicworkshop

At the Picnic'06 event the Locative Media programme will host a workshop on Location Based Play.

When: 28 September, 14-17h.
Where: Ketelhuis II, Picnic '06 / Westergasterrein
How: if you're interested, send an e-mail to locativemedia[AT]waag.org

In this half-day workshop hosted by Waag Society's Locative Media programme we will present and work on projects that revolve around playful location based media concepts. Approx. four interesting projects will first be presented to the participants and the audience, among which a survey of recent outdoor and mobile play projects and trends.

Then, with a pregiven set of assignments and restrictions, which may be adapted to the problems or issues specific to the experiences of the participants, the presenters and workshop participants will engage in a concept excercise. They will think up four new playful locative concepts using Amsterdam as playground. After this workshop session we will return to publicly present and discuss the workshop results to and with the audience. These concepts will stand a chance of actually being supported and realised at next year's Picnic or one of its partner events.

Topics and speakers will include:

- Trends, highlights, results from the Come Out and Play festival Gregory Trefry (NY, USA)

- the Mobile Bristol playing ground projects - Jo Reid, HP Mobile Bristol Labs

- Amsterdam Playground: Social and educational applications Ben Cerveny (Playground Foundation) / Ronald Lenz/Aske Hopman, Waag Society
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