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[Nettime-nl] "Death of the Mediator?" - CMHTS at OneOnOne, IETM meeting,
Tania Goryucheva on Wed, 3 Oct 2007 13:52:09 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] "Death of the Mediator?" - CMHTS at OneOnOne, IETM meeting, Ghent

Cool Media Hot Talk Show session at Vooruit, Ghent / BE
Saturday, Oct. 6, 10-12 AM CET

as part of the IETM Autumn Plenary Meeting, ONEONONE,
an intimate encounter between the artist and the manager, linked together by the bonding power of customised telecommunication,
presented by the IETM Secretariat, Arts Centre Vooruit and Flanders Festival.
October 4-6, 2007, Ghent

Join the discussion on the topic:
"Death of the Mediator. Web 2.0, Prosumers, and Which Quality?"
http://www.coolmediahottalk.net/cmobject.jsp? objecttype=topic&objectid=5153

Tune in LIVE at 10 AM on Oct. 6:

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Death of the Mediator. Web 2.0, Prosumers, and Which Quality?

The proliferation of self-publishing by means of social software on the internet at the same time excites and terrifies people. The quality control issue is very much at stake. The mediatory mission of professional institutionalised communities seems to be under thread. Is it? Among the myriad of voices, how to chose whom to listen to, whom to trust? How to find the right ones? How to know if they are the right ones? Or all this does not matter anymore? Everybody is free to go public, speak to the public, and respond on behalf of the public. Everyone is free to acquire her/his own degree of responsibility. As well as irresponsibility. As well as vulnerability. You do not know, who do you speak to, where an occasional stranger at your blog or profile page comes from, what is s/he looking for, what is s/he connected to, whose interests does s/ he serve... How can you be sure about destination of your message? What are the rules of the communication game you play? Do they exist? While we are concerned about quality and quantity of the content, who takes care about the quality of the mechanisms enabling the use and misuse of these emerging productive forces?

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Cool Media Hot Talk Show

De Balie - Media

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