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[Nettime-nl] Field Essays Book Launch Friday 29th {AT} Onomatopee | DDW, IC
sophie krier on Thu, 28 Oct 2010 00:02:00 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Field Essays Book Launch Friday 29th {AT} Onomatopee | DDW, ICI Casa Ville Inventive {AT} Casablanca

Onomatopee 55

Field Essays
Research project
The design process unveiled.

A new series of journals about the dynamics of design processes, initiated and curated by Sophie Krier, first issue on LucyandBart. Field Essays maps the work and the motives of innovative design practices and engages them with the ideas of contemporary thinkers. Field Essays works in a practical manner, by acting as a critical and reflective backdrop to the production of new work.

Field Essays was conceived within the context of the Research Group of the Professorship of Art and Public Space of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.

It is made possible by The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.


Graphic Design: Andreas Tscholl / René Put
Artistic Research: Atelier Sophie Krier
Artistic advice and project administration: Freek Lomme, Onomatopee
Photography: Lucyandbart

Book launch & Artist talk Friday Oct 29th, 14:30

Exhibition times
Sat. 23, 12:30-21:00
Sun. 24, 12:30-20:00
Mon. 25, 12:30-20:00
Tue. 26, 12:30-20:00
Wed. 27, 12:30-20:00
Thu. 28, 12:30-21:00
Fri. 29, 12:30-21:00
Sat. 30, 12:30-21:00
Sun. 31, 12:30-19:00

Onomatopee | Dutch Design Week

Four exhibitions, five curators, six book launches, one Onomatopub, one Onomatoshop, an army of designers, artists and more!
Visit www.onomatopee.net for the full agenda.

For the Dutch Design Week agenda visit

ICI Casa Ville Inventive
Artistic Residency Aug 20-Oct 20 2010, Casablanca.

ICI is the result of a collective artistic residency of six designers based in the Netherlands, who decided to live and work for two months in Casablanca, Morocco. The project is initiated by the Dutch Ambassy of Rabat in the context of the celebration in 2010 of 400 years of economic relations between The Netherlands and Morocco.

The starting point of ICI was to come empty handed and open minded to Casablanca and to put together the whole exhibition from scratch, using the city as an instant source of inspiration and production. A series of workshops, lectures, and debates in collaboration with local design schools, heritage foundation Casamémoire and the Fabrique Culturelle (the new cultural factory of Casa, situated in a former slaughterhouse complex), formed a substantial reflective and educative component of ICI.

The title ICI refers to HERE, and at the same time to ELSEWHERE (where we come from). HERE is the only thing we have. HERE and nowhere else. Once diffused in public space however, ICI changes meanings constantly. The residency culminated in a dynamic exhibition in the heart of the former Eglise du Sacre Coeur. ICI was conceived as a city within a city and during the two weeks it was opened, it functioned as a discussion and meeting place, and a resting place for passers by and students of the surrounding art schools.

ICI wants to stay in Casa. Therefore all scenographic elements have been donated to the Fabrique Culturelle for future use in cultural events. Plans are underway with partners KHK Extramuros, La Fabrique Culturelle and Casamemoire, among others, to set up future exchanges and studies, so as to pick up on what ICI started.

Initiative: Ambassade du Royaume des Pays-Bas à Rabat
Dutch Team: Bas van Beek, Sophie Krier, Erik Wong, Sjoerd Jonkers, David van der Veldt, Dawn Ray. In partnership with The city of Casablanca, Casamémoire, KHK Extramuros, La Fabrique Culturelle.
ICI logo & identity: Erik Wong
Scenography: Atelier Sophie Krier
Communication: Erik Wong, Dawn Ray
Co-curator: Khadija Kabbaj / Khk Extramuros
Object and Installations: David van der Veldt, Sjoerd Jonkers, Dawn Ray
Assistant producer: Meryem Aboulouafa
Senior Producer: Jamal Abdennasser
Making Of Reportage: Jamal Abdennasser
Press Photography: Hicham Zemmar
Petit Taxi Press Image: Henriëtte Waal
Mystic Session - the band that existed en tout et pour tout 48 hours.,,,
Musicians: Hamam, Saddik Ngoumi, Mostapha, Jamaal Nouaman, Mahmoud Bassou, Rezki Amine, Martin, Abdesamad Rizki, Benoît Martiny.
Manager: Tarek Boual
Technique: Joe Hani

Special thanks to Abderrahim Kassou and Aadel Saadani, as well as all that made ICI possible, especially the artisans and the students involved in the workshops and the exhibition build up.

For all credits regarding the featured products, please consult the press release attached.

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