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integer on Sat, 17 Dec 2005 03:05:37 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] \\ sustainable kitsch

>Exista multe acceptiuni terminologice ale kitschului, el fiind corelat in genera
>l cu nonvaloarea. 
>  Problema este aceea ca sfera lui devine foarte larga si greu de deosebit de ar
>ta consumista sau arta proasta ca atare, de aceea cred ca e bine sa ne referim l
>a originea lui, respectiv cea a dezradacinatilor cu origini rurale care au emigr
>at spre marile centre urbane /industriale in cautare de lucru. Lipsa de spatiu i
>n interiorul cetatii ii marginaliza in afara zidurilor cetatii, de unde ei lansa
>u ofensiva "ajungerii din urma" si imitarii culturii "centrale". 

da - o criza sociala foarte vizibila in .ro\balkan, capitalism in general. 

dar aceasta situatie se bazeaza pe o fundatie sanatoasa - dorinta
de a fii integrat intr-o comunitate. fara aceasta dorinta nu am exista. 
dar este f.important _cum realizam aceasta dorinta.

miscarile asa zise anti-sociale [de examplu pulafashion.com]
sint bazate pe aceeasi dorinta de a face parte.

daca `prostii` se duc la biserica si la cumparaturi, adica `ingenuncheaza` 
ca sa mentina si sa inbunatateasca positia lor sociala, 
pulafashion.com, vlad nanca, guvernul american, toate anunturile impersonale, mass production etc
incearca acelasi lucru prin forta, constient si inconstient.

pulafashion.com fac continuu referinte la `viol, futai` etc.
ca si sistemul capitalist, ei transforma o intelegere reciproca intr-un razboi, 
cu o destinatie, scopul - sa cistige, o solutie unilaterala.
dar dupa cum a scris anais nin: it is not a question of heroism but of flow
nu este vorba de destinatii but of process. 

capitalismul face aceeasi greseala. in capitalism nu este important cum\drumul dar destinatia. 
the objective of capitalism is to replace the ambilateral `non-linear` social network which emerges 
naturally in small groups, with a power\unilateral network - as per .usa - international relations are power relations.

as communism, capitalism is unsustainable. unlike communism which adheres to a rigid ideology,
capitalism it is more `jointed`, flexible and adaptive. it is one of the reasons i had said that communism is 
the highest form of capitalism [highest - just like progress - doesnt imply better nor worse] _
____ as visualized decades ago with simulated ant colonies - 
gradually all colonies merged into one after which death followed. 
a good analogy with the human brain and its development - life is characterized 
by a certain degree of `schizophrenia`.  creativity, as schizophrenia, is characterized by myriad
neural constellations, while romantic love, which has the same chemical imprint as manic depression,
is characterized by few, large neural constellations. death returns one's brain to
the complete unity one enjoyed as a very small child. drugs, near death experiences, 
mysticism, sexual orgasm [little death] etc mimic these states.

extending this neural analogy suggests that capitalism is more creative, faster, 
and less loving than communism. generally speaking this is true.
yet more often than not it slips into schizophrenia. 

>De aici ideea kitschului ca minciuna, 

deci majoritatea barbatilor sint more or less kitsch 
o reklama. pulafashion.com

dar nu toate minciunile sint kitsch - de exemplu
paganismul este o minciuna cu radacini adinci in realitate.
ajungem la adevar\o armonie cu realitatea prin aceste minciuni.

problema este ca majoritatea minciunilor contemporane
au radacini aeriene. se repeta la interval de 15min
dar viata este un continuum.

>ca realizarea cu mijloace modeste a unei realitati superi
>oare la care jinduieste si care nu il accepta. 

in majoritatea cazurilor o casa taraneasca este mult mai frumoasa decit kitschurile din pipera.

>Fireste ca mentalitatea moderna s
>i contemporana a inceput sa se vada pe ea insasi intr-o astfel de situatie. Exis
>tentialismul este cel mai bun exemplu. Chiar cele mai importante repere cultural
>e s-au datorat unor astfel de transformari phoenixiene ale artistului creator. P
>entru ca lumea prezentata de "marele artist" in "marea opera" ii este la fel de 

pt. ca este un ideal fals, ca cetatea.

"a love which cannot bear to be faced with reality is not a real love.
but then, it is the privilege of noble hearts not to be able to love."

story [which bkmz v.intertangled if we hold opinion that man created god]

There once was a painter--a brilliant painter,
who mastered the art of replication and the depiction of the beautiful. 
Yet he was lonely, he felt that there was no one alive who 
could understand him, no one capable of perceiving his entire being. 

One morning he wept in his garden, crying to god to send
him someone who might comprehend his full beauty. 
That day, he painted a new canvas, a portrait of an unknown and 
stunningly beautiful woman. When he had finished, he cried to god 
to give her sentience, as this most wondrous painting could be the 
only being in the world who might understand him. To his amazement, the
woman in the painting began to move.

"Hello! Hello!" he cried to her.

"Where are you?" she replied.

"Here, beside you!"    

The woman in the painting looked around her.

"Are you up, or down? Across?" she asked.

"No, No", the painter implored, "I am...I am...out!"

"Out? What is _out_?" she replied.

"Out! Out here!"

The woman did not understand him. 
She only knew two dimensions--vertical and horizontal. Her world was that of the flat canvas.
The painter ran out to his garden and threw himself onto the ground.

"God, oh god!" he wept. "Where are you?"

"Out." came the reply.

>ca si cetatea muncitorului emigrant. 
>Diferenta este aceea ca realitatea artistului este superioa
>ra mediei pe cand a kitsch-ului clasic este inferioara. Este clar ca numai o min
>oritate poate recunoaste kitschul "marii arte" dar

o arta intr-adevar mare este inhabitable. nu exista intr-o galerie dar este pervasive, in real life.
are radacini in viata, nu in fashion. nu este un rezultat logic, o filosofie. it is a recursive non-linear process.
nu are _autor nici _spectatori [why did communism fail]. din acest punct de vedere romania\balkan mai este 
inca superioara occidentului si in special americii.

desigur nu este intdeauna usor sa traiesti in arta. asa ca de multe ori lumea pleaca de la sat
si cind le este dor de arta se duc la gradina\galeria zoologica ... unde vizioneaza arta au naturel
nu ca participanti ci spectatori, nu isi murdaresc pielea cea noua, catifelata, luxoasa, ca in reclame, moarta  ______.... 
and then the unmistakably seductive scent of Ungaro's Pasha perfume escapes the confines of one's skin
and penetrates deep within one's neural constellations, hypnotically, osmotically fading away reality 
giving way to pure extasy ... dome epais ... it whispers:

I am a pasha with a name enraptured in a strange beauty
v.v.xy lazy on 01 divan of blades and eastern embroidery 
fingertips caressing the white tablecloth undulating on
branches of oriental tobacco perfume. 

Ices + sorbets. eyes shimmering a reflection and a dark cloud
over a courtyard dressed in time with water 
sprinkled over it the secret of my birth 
beneath my feet - the map. on my forehead - the sign.
in my hand - a beautiful watch.

I am the prolonged affection
rich in very nervous fibers and magnetic fluids 
gliding into your highly perfumed oceanic depths
and maritime forests fishing for a YES PL EASE or 2
dont you feel ...

I stroll the cosmopolitan boulevards playing with IT like private property. 
caring for it. smacking kriikets. my life is a philanthropic and therapeutic smile.

I come from the world where fruits are always ripe. women are always virgins 
for fortunate young men whose reality is a dream. a dream so sweet
so intoxicating so voluptuous that they would sell themselves
body and soul to the person who has procured it for them.

That life of delights where earth is a kingdom and my claw is your kiss
rising through the mountain top through the universe as creation.

One does not live with me. One dreams. One listens. One wears me ...
like a truth

I am the Absolute.
I do not live. I rule.

the evening went on ... eyes wide + moist

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