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[Nettime-ro] Truth/s, un proiect de Liliana Basarab la Galeria apARTe, I
Catalin Gheorghe on Thu, 24 Nov 2011 21:45:03 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] Truth/s, un proiect de Liliana Basarab la Galeria apARTe, Iasi

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un proiect
de Liliana Basarab
Galeria apARTe, Facultatea de Arte Vizuale si Design;Strada Sarariei nr 189
28 noiembrie - 5 decembrie 2011, deschiderea: 28 noiembrie, ora 6 pm
prezentare si discutii: 29 noiembrie, ora 1 pm, Sala ID Stefanescu
Lucrarile Lilianei Basarab sunt gandite si realizate performativ, implicand
deseori colaborari cu alti artisti, cu publicul, cu dansatori si coregrafi care
âcomploteazaâ impreuna si ajuta la realizarea lucrarii finale, asa cum se poate
vedea in ultimul ei proiect intitulat Truth/s (Adevar/Adevaruri).
Ca lucrare
finala a acestui proiect, ea prezinta un video de 3 minute, produsul unei
rezidente de 2 luni finantata de CEC Artslink New York - Independent Grants si
de Ohio Art Council si gazduita de Centrul de Arta Vizuala din Dayton, Ohio,
Puncul de plecare a acestui proiect consta intr-o serie de performance-uri
inspirate din jocul de Mima (joc in care fiecare dintre participanti trebuie sa
mimeze un cuvant sau o expresie fara sa vorbeasca si publicul trebuie sa
ghiceasca cat mai rapid). In acest format, participantii, 3 tinere balerine au
fost invitate sa interpreteze in fata camerei conceptul de Adevar.
Natura colaborativa a acestui proiect e de maxima importanta, fiecare din
participanti contribuind creativ in diverse etape ale proiectului. Video-ul a
aparut pe un website special creat impreuna cu toate versiunile anterioare ca
parte a procesului de lucrare-in-progres.
Videorile au
fost postate online si publicul a fost rugat sa voteze âcel mai bine
reprezentat adevarâ. Spre deosebire de celelate proiecte anterioare unde
artista realiza o statuie publica a âcastigatoruluiâ, in acest caz un coreograf
a fost rugat sa duca mai departe acest proiect. Coregraful a ales sa lucreze cu toate cele trei balerine in locul celei
castigatoare, dar a decis sa reinterpreteze dansul castigator. Rezultatul a
fost apoi reinterpretat de cÄtre Liliana basarab, care a editat filmul Åi a
adÄugat o coloanÄ sonorÄ.
Adevarul, in
calitatea sa de concept abstact, este remodelat prin utilizarea corpului,
relevand retele de constrangere implicate in procesul de âaducere a adevarului
la luminaâ ca produs discursiv a unei realitati contruite social.
Liliana Basarab si-a construit un crez din a se pozitiona ca outsider care
chestioneaza valorile ce construiesc societatea nostra.ÂIn ultimii
ani practica ei se concentreaza pe deconstruirea anumitor moravuri si valori
design de Costel
Dansatoare: Alexandra White, Jesseca
Smalt, Madalyn White
Coreograf: Rodney Veal
Audio:Â Filthy American Swine,
Strawberry Thundercunt, The Score ( Dayton , Ohio , USA )
(nascuta in 1979) este artist vizual, traieste si lucreaza in Iasi. In 2011 a
participat la programul de rezidenta CEC ArtsLink gazduit de Dayton Visual Art
Center in parteneriat cu Ohio Art Council.
Gallery, University of Arts in Iasi , Address: Sarariei 189
November 28
â December 5 , 2011, opening: 6 pm
presentation: November 29, 1 pm, ID Stefanescu Room
Basarabâs works are âperformancesâ which engage often fellow artists, lay
audience, school children or dancers and choreographers, who collude with her
and become 'co-authors' of the final result, like in her latest project
Âtitled Truths.
For the
final show, Liliana Basarab presents a 3 minutes long video, produced as a
result of a two months residency financed by CEC Artslink New York -
Independent Grants and Ohio Art Council hosted by Dayton Visual Art Centre. The
collaborative nature of this project becomes paramount, as each participant
intentionally contributes with his or her own texture through out the different
stages of the project. The video appeared on the specially designed website,
together with any previous formats it had, as part of the making of the
The idea
behind this art project is a series of performances recorded on video having as
starting point the game Charades (a game of pantomime whereby the players have
to âact outâ a word or a phrase without speaking while the other players try to
guess as quickly as possible). The participants, three young female
professional contemporary dancers, were invited to play Charades in front of
the camera, embodying a single word: Truth. Members of the public were invited
to vote online their favorite performance and then a winner was named.
Basarabâs previous projects where a public statue of the winner would be
erected, a choreographer was asked to take the project further. Unexpectedly he
chose all three dancers to perform again according to his directions but still
based their initial interpretations of truth. The outcome was then again
reinterpreted by the artist who edited the film and added a soundtrack.
There is as
much emphasis on the journey as the destination, and the risks and chances
inherent in Basarabâs collaborations ultimately give surprising shape to the
final works, whether these are films, costumes, sculptures or post cards.
Truth, an abstract concept being concretely shaped by the use of the body,
reveals the network of constraints involved in the process of âtelling the
truthâ as the discursive product of a socially constructed reality.
Basarab has
made a legacy out of positioning herself as the alienated outsider trying to
peek through the values which construct our society. In the last years, her
practice has been revolving around deconstructing certain social morals and
design by Costel Chirila
Dancers: Alexandra White, Jesseca
Smalt, Madalyn White. Choreographer: Rodney Veal
Soundtrack: Filthy American Swine,
Strawberry Thundercunt, The Score ( Dayton , Ohio , USA )
Liliana BASARAB (born 1979) visual
artist, lives and works in Iasi . Her residency project was funded by CEC
ArtsLink and Ohio Art Council and hosted by Dayton Visual Art Center .
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