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Ivan Pope <>
     Re: <nettime> Iraq war debacle coming
"Joshua Craze" <>
Gita Hashemi <>
     invitation (not what you think)
jo <>
     Arab European Leagu statement on Iraq
Are Flagan <>
     The .iq domain
auskadi <>
     Where to Now for the Anti War Movement- Privatization in Disguise

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Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2003 21:26:04 +0100
Subject: Re: <nettime> Iraq war debacle coming
From: Ivan Pope <>

> Dear Friends,
> I have always said that in order to win in Iraq the US would have to
> engage in urban combat, and if any substantial number of Saddam's
> followers hold out, that will be a very deadly conflict. Events bear me
> out. The continued fight in Nasiriya, Umm Qadr, and Basra, provide a
> foretaste of much more intense fighting, perhaps block by block in
> Baghdad. The US might win, but only by destroying the city, engendering
> gigantic international revulsion, making the Russian destruction of
> Grozny, Chechnya seem mild by comparison.

Or, then again, it might not. How are you today? Cheers, Ivan

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From: "Joshua Craze" <>
Subject: JubileeIraq
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 13:10:06 +0100


Apologies if some of you receive this more than once. It is being sent 
to many email lists.

A group of people, have been working on a project called Jubilee Iraq for
the last few weeks. The idea is simple. Since the focus of the world is
currently on Iraq and its 'liberation' by Coalition forces, lets try to
hold them to their word. Ask them to cancel the massive Iraqi debt, which,
after all, was accrued under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein.  Either
they expose their complete hypocrisy and refuse to cancel the debt (in
which case thousands of people start thinking about issues of global
justice for the first time), or they cancel the debt and we can say 'and
now what about Indonesia? and South Africa? and Chile?...'

Either way this is a win-win situation. Either way we catapult the issue 
of debt and global justice back into the public eye.

In order for this campaign to work we need massive amounts of help. The
first thing you can do is visit the website at and sign
the petition. If you think the campaign is a good idea, please spread the
word through any organisations and networks you may belong to. We don't
have any funding, and so this method is the only one we can use to inform
people of the idea. If you are really keen, please feel free to get in
touch with us with offers of help!

We are especially keen to gain endorsements from prominent figures and
organisations...the bigger the profile of the campaign, the more chance
that it will be noticed and become an issue on the national (and
international) stage.

Please consider devoting a little of your time to this issue. It may be the
best opportunity for years to highlight the blatant injustices of the
current global system. Help us seize it.


Joshua Craze,

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Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 15:10:12 -0400
From: Gita Hashemi <>
Subject: invitation (not what you think)

below is a paragraph written a few days ago as part of the curatorial 
notes for a forthcoming exhibition.  the events of the last two days 
prompt me to put it out as an invitation to break the bewildering 
silence that has suddenly befallen the global anti-war movement. 
what happens when the war is lost (or won, depending on which side 
you're on)?  time yet to broaden our focus and deepen our analysis? 

"High-tide on the day of war before we are drowned into another 
twilight of forgotten and repressed truths, engulfed in the light of 
explosions - last year in Afghanistan, this year in Iraq, every year, 
for fifty-five years, in the land historically known as Palestine - 
we ask: How will we change our world to change our fate? The question 
mark gestures to pragmatic-ethical intentions alone, for it is no 
longer possible to question the urgency and the imperatives: The 
world must change if we are to be able to live with one another. To 
live with ourselves, we must change. The empire is unmasked (again). 
Rulers are at work to redraw the map (again). Bodies have lined up to 
stand witness to this violence (again). Violations are countless and 
cannot be checked against the anachronistic terms of "human rights." 
Bombs, tanks, armoured helicopters, guns and missiles are not bound 
by any charters, and our utopic investments in international laws and 
institutions have failed to produce any profits except for the 
profiteers at war for more control over land, resources, human lives 
and histories. Resistance was yesterday's tactic. Today, openly 
formulated insurgence is the necessity."

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Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 23:47:30 +0200
From: jo <>
Subject: Arab European Leagu statement on Iraq


Statement by the AEL
Antwerp, 10th of April 2003
After 21 days of fierce fighting and heroic resistance by our people
in Iraq against the invading aggressors, the city of Baghdad has
fallen. Baghdad the capitol of the Abbassids and one of the most
important cities of the Arab homeland is now under foreign
The relief felt by our people for the ousting of a dictator can not
compensate the humiliation and grief they feel for the establishing
of another illegitimate and oppressing authority. The American flag
that was put on the face of the statue of the old oppressor, says it
all, the oppression is still there, it just has an American face
now. Baghdad is not free; it just changed hands from one local
corrupted oppressor to a foreign more corrupted oppressor, but also
an enemy of god and the nation. Except a few hundreds who were on
the streets in an orchestrated scene of fake jubilation, and another
few hundreds of thugs, but also impoverished people, who took
advantage of the situation to embark on a looting campaign, the
majority of the 6 million inhabitants of the city stayed at home
with mixed feelings of bitterness, anxiety and anticipation.
Before taking any political stand, we should not forget that
thousands of our young men and women are still resisting the
invaders and their collaborators. Thousands are still shooting at
the advancing American troops in many parts of Iraq and sacrificing
there lives, not for Saddam, but for Allah and the dignity and
freedom of our Arab nation. Our hearts and prayers should be with
these men and women who are still perishing under the American
cluster bombs, among them not only our brave warriors of the
resistance, but also innocent men, women and children. The blood of
all these people is on the hands of the American aggressor.
Nevertheless the Americans do not realize the size of the quagmire
they have worked themselves into. Their intention is to establish
direct occupation and control on Arab Soil, and eliminating all the
obstacles from the way of their imperialist-Zionist project.
There is no doubt on our mind that our people in Iraq is aware of
this dimension of the conflict and of the real agenda of the
occupation, However this people needs some time to lick its wounds
and silence its hunger after a devastating onslaught and 12 years of
criminal embargo. Once this happens, and once the intentions of the
occupation forces are revealed to all Iraqis, popular resistance
will break out.
Any government established by the occupation forces will be looked
at and treated as an extension to the occupation. Iraqis who
collaborate with the invasion troops are no more or less than
collaborators and traitors to the Arab Nation and the Muslim Umma,
and will be dealt with as such.
We also reject any UN mandate on Iraq as a step backwards to
colonial times. The whole of the Iraqi territory should be and will
be liberated by popular resistance. All Iraqis, Arabs and Kurds,
Shiites and Sunnis should join forces in fighting against occupation
and any extension of it whether it is a local puppet regime or a UN
or other mandate. No democracy can come through the bayonet of the
enemy of god and the nation.
No one wants a return to the Saddam regime; we want a free Iraq,
liberated from the enemies of within and without. We want an Iraq
that is an integral part of the Arab nation, with a federated but
not separated Kurdish entity in the north, and a clear Arab-Islamic
government in Baghdad based upon Islamic democracy (al shoera). This
Iraq will come, after the American-Zionist invaders are thrown out
of our sacred land. The Intifada is coming to Baghdad.
The Arab European League will keep on organizing actions and
activities to support the struggle for freedom in Iraq and to end
occupation. Our slogan is not NO WAR anymore, it is now FREE IRAK.
We call upon our local branches and sympathizers and friends to
start mobilizing under the Free Iraq slogan immediately and to
undertake action defending the position that we outlined above.
This war is not over, it did not start in Iraq but in Palestine in
1948, and it will not be over in Iraq but in Palestine with the
liberation of Al Quds by the hands of our Arab people under the flag
of Islam. Free Iraq, Free Palestine.

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Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 18:01:44 -0400
Subject: The .iq domain
From: Are Flagan <>

Forwarding what many may already have seen here, but the unresolved story of
the .iq domain is quite interesting. It will be interesting to see where
these hyperlinks will lead when finally resolved.

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Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 12:16:51 -0500
From: auskadi <>
Subject: Where to Now for the Anti War Movement- Privatization in Disguise

this may be of interest from Naomi Kiline on Iraq and "reconstruction" .... 

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