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   on tactical media
     "SQUARE" <>      
   Salah Hassan webcast    
     "Steve Dietz" <>    
   1000 Platitudes / 33QPM 
     Rafael Lozano-Hemmer <> 
   BAUHAUS KOLLEG April 2003::final presentatio
     "Kollegmail" <>  
   Democracy in the Digital Age (Yale conference, April 4-6)  
     "geert lovink" <>      
   wochenend im Schnitt Ausstellungsraum 
     Kalina Bunevska <>      
   Presentation Reckless Eyes- 7th of April at Waag Society   
     Floor van Spaendonck <> 


Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 21:53:31 +0200
From: "SQUARE" <>
Subject: on tactical media

On tactical media - a meeting with Florian Schneider and Luuk Bouwman
saturday 12 april - 2 pm
at City Mine(d), Kartuizersstraat 43 rue des Chartreux, 1000bxxl

Dutch media artist Luuk Bouwman and German media activist Florian Schneider
are coming to Brussels for [sonic]square # 7 - INTO THE WORLD. Both use
digital video and the internet as tools to share their views on the world.
SQUARE, BrusselsBelfast & City Mine(d) want you to join
an informal meeting with both artists and with media
activists from Brussels on Saturday April 12th, 2 pm, City Mine(d) (address
more info below and on

entrance is free, but please make reservations on


Luuk Bouwman graduated from the St. Joost Academy, (Breda, the Netherlands)
in 2000, having specialized in audio-visual arts. His graduation projects
were the "Criminorama of Darker Oss - 4000 years of senseless violence" - a
miniature crime museum, and 'Huge Harry and the Institute of Artificial
Art' - a documentary that suggested that from now on, art production should
be automated. He also worked as a program maker for Waskracht!, a TV program
of the Dutch broadcaster VPRO. started as his personal videolog, an extended version of the
conventional weblog that integrates streaming video-files with a time-based
travel diary. In the last year, he traveled through South-America for 6
months with a camera and laptop.
Tropisms 2, that is currently being developed, will be the collective
videolog of an international group of young filmmakers.

Florian Schneider is working as author, net activist, film maker and movie
producer. He is a member of n.s.i.a.m.p., which is a small group of
activists, artists, filmmakers, fotographers from Germany and abroad. They
have organised [cross the border] at the Hybrid WorkSpace of the Documenta X
in Kassel. Their central political struggle is to support migrants and
refugees, documented or undocumented, in their fights for the right to live,
where they like and how they like. Over the last years Schneider is
concentrating on the question, how communicational leadership and dominant
positions can be attacked and undermined by a practical criticism of borders
and networks. He is co-organisor of the 'No One is Illegal' and the 'Cross
the Border' campaigns as well as of the 'Was Tun?' project, an digital
information platform for contemporary aktivism and transnational networks of
protest. His recent video documentary 'A World to Invent' explores the ideas
of four philosophers (a.o. Antonio Negri and Michael Hart) on antiglobalism.


[sonic]square # 7
10-11-12  APRIL  2003
kaaitheaterstudio's, OLV van Vaakstraat 81 rue ND du Sommeil, 1000 brussels

musicians, film-makers, artists and activists handling the media tactically
in wartime, in Palestine or elsewhere in the world.

concerts - installations - talks - screenings

with Luuk Bouwman - Kim Cascone - Pierre Deruisseau - Azza El-Hassan - Renée
Green - Tara Herbst & Nicolas Siepen - Emily  Jacir - Neguev - Els Opsomer -
random_inc. - [rocher]~[sillon] -Florian Schneider - Star 2000 - Ultra-red -
Jeroen Van der Stock - Stephen Vitiello

detailed info on


Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 11:20:59 -0600
From: "Steve Dietz" <>
Subject: Salah Hassan webcast

Tuesday, April 1, 2003
7:00 pm CST (GMT -6)
Salah Hassan on "contemporary art practices." Webcast from the Walker
Art Center as part of "How Latitudes Become Forms"
To launch "Translocal Channel" webcast:
For more information:

Scholar-curator Salah Hassan discusses democracy, modernity, and
contemporary art practices. Dr. Hassan is chair of the department of
History of Art at Cornell University; editor of NKA: Journal of
Contemporary African Art, and consulting editor for African Arts and
Atlantica. Part of the lecture series New Ideas on Globalization.
Copresented by the Walker Art Center, the University of Minnesota
Humanities Institute, the Institute for Global Studies, and the European
Studies Consortium.

Steve Dietz
Curator of New Media
Walker Art Center


Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 10:49:57 -0500
From: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer <>
Subject: 1000 Platitudes / 33QPM

Hi Ted (and other nettimers in NYC),

Please find attached the promo for my upcoming exhibition in NYC, --would
love to meet you there. The exhibition includes my first large-scale photo

SHOW DATES: 3 Apr 03 - 10 May 03
Bitforms Gallery
529 west 20th street

All the best,




SHOW DATES: 3 Apr - 10 May 2003

For the past twelve years Lozano-Hemmer has been developing interactive art
installations that seek to create connective, social and performative
experiences. His "Relational Architecture" series of large-scale
interventions in public spaces has deployed new technologies and custom-made
interfaces to transform urban environments. Using robotics, real-time
computer graphics, film projections, positional sound, internet links, cell
phones, video and ultrasonic sensors, and other devices, his pieces aim to
reconnect the public sphere with an increasingly alienating urban condition.
This is his first show in a NYC gallery.
"1000 Platitudes": A photomontage and video project featuring words commonly
used to describe the generic globalized city. Each letter of the alphabet
was projected on a different building using the World's most powerful
projector (with 100,000 ANSI lumen intensity and images measuring up to
250x250 feet). Public housing projects, shopping malls, government
buildings, industrial wastelands and corporate headquarters were transformed
by fast tactical projections, under the radar of potential regulators. This
project was made during Lozano-Hemmer's "Huge and Mobile" (HUMO) Workshop in
Linz, Austria, in early 2003.

"33 Questions per Minute, Relational Architecture 5": Consists of a computer
program that uses grammatical rules to combine words from the dictionary,
automatically generating 55 billion unique, fortuitous questions. The
automated questions are presented at a rate of 33 per minute ‹the threshold
of legibility‹ on 21 tiny liquid crystal displays. The software has been
programmed to avoid repeating the same question, and will take over 3
thousand years to present all the possible word combinations. A keyboard
allows participants to add their own questions to the automatic flow.

Bitforms Gallery
529 west 20th street

- --

   Hortaleza 100, 1-D      3958 Parc Lafontaine 1
   Madrid 28004 España     Montréal Québec
   Tel. 34-91-319-8769     H2L 3M7 Canada
   Fax. 34-91-319-3157     Tel. 1-514-597-0917
   Cell 34-659-769-878     Cell 1-514-983-0209


Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 12:51:29 +0200
From: "Kollegmail" <>
Subject: BAUHAUS KOLLEG :: :: INVITATION :: 16th April 2003 :: final presentation of the 2nd trimester :: URBAN CURRENCIES

 <>  <>  <> 
IV. Bauhaus Kolleg 2002 / 2003
I N V I T A T I O N 

Dear Dot.City Citizens,

We cordially invite you to the final presentation of the 2nd trimester IV
Bauhaus Kolleg Dot.City "urban currencies".

April 16th 2003, 3:00 p.m. Bauhaus Kolleg Studio 329

The second trimester of the Dot.City year examined the interdependency of ICT
technology and public spheres in the shrinking cities of East Germany.

Our particular focus was the evaluation and interpretation of urban currencies.
Conveying a wide range between complementary monetary systems and the
development of new narratives for social exchange, we will propose strategies
to connect distinct local patterns with chance created by ICT. 

Our starting point was the exploration of the "social capital" within the city.
We asked: Which kind of values could emerge by triggering new local networks
and complementary currency systems. We interpreted "urban currencies" as a way
to communicate and exchange local values. For example, the skills of unemployed
and elderly people or vacant lots without any demand on the real-estate market,
how could these resources be reactivated within the community? 

How can one use them and create a purpose that leads to an identification
within the urban sphere? What other forms of value - apart from money - could
exist? Our projects propose infrastructures based on IC (or conventional
technology) as well as surprising and unexpected applications of ICT within
urban processes.

On April 16th we would like to present our working methods, experiences and
actual results. The afternoon will start at 3:00 p.m. with a brief introduction
and presentation, and continue with a real-life experience on site (a bus tour
through the city of Dessau), ending with a gathering for food and wine on the
dance floor!

Participants in Dessau:

Ariel Barbosa_Columbia, Nina Kourycheva_Russia, Zeigam Azizov_United Kingdom,
Stefan Saffer_Germany, Kerstin Faber_Germany, Jacob Larsson_Sweden, Michal
Stangel_Poland, Dorota Kwiecien_Poland, Tilahun Bekele_Ethiopia, Corin
Sworn_Canada, Una Knox_Canada, Dimitry Kharshak_Russia

Course satellite clusters in Caracas and in Malmö worked parallel on the same topics. They will be also represented on April 16th.
Participants in Caracas / Venezuela

Armando Montilla, Alejandra Salas, Federico Bozo, Gustavo Muci

Participants in Malmö / Sweden

the AESWAD Group (,
Looking forward to seeing you!

The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and team:

Sonja Beeck_Gregor Langenbrinck_Torsten Bume_Wilhelm Klauser_rude_architecture_Renè Weiszbarth_Michel Fink
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Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 06:31:52 +1000
From: "geert lovink" <>
Subject: Democracy in the Digital Age (Yale conference, April 4-6)

Democracy in the Digital Age

Friday, April 4, 2003-Sunday, April 6, 2003
Hosted by: The Information Society Project, Yale Law School

Yale Law School
127 Wall Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Register Online for the conference!

Program Agenda and Speakers

Friday, April 4, 2003

  Informal gathering of participants and attendees.
  6:00pm-9:00pm, Location to be determined.
  Join us for an informal, pre-conference gathering at one of New Haven's
  local establishments.

Saturday, April 5, 2003

  How do People Deliberate: Deliberative Discourse and the Internet
  9:00am-10:30am, Room 127, Yale Law School

    Cynthia Farrar, Yale University

    James Fishkin, University of Texas School of Law
    Anthony Wilhelm, Benton Foundation
    Herbert Burkert, University of St. Gallen

  Coffee Break and Exhibit of Technologies for Democracy
  10:30am-11:00am, Room 122, Yale Law School

  Designing for Democracy
  11:00am-12:30pm, Room 127, Yale Law School

    Richard Sherwin, New York Law School

    Michael Froomkin, University of Miami School of Law
    William Mitchell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Natalie Jeremijenko, Yale University

  Lunch and Keynote Address
  12:45pm-2:15pm, Room 120, Yale Law School

    Benjamin Barber
    Gershon and Carol Kekst Professor of Civil Society
    and Wilson H. Elkins Professor
    Maryland School of Public Affairs and the College of Behavioral and
    Social Sciences

  How Political Decisions are Made: Citizen Participation and
  2:30pm-4:00pm, Room 127, Yale Law School

    Peter Shane, Carnegie Mellon University

    Cary Coglianese, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
    Beth Noveck, New York Law School
    Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Illinois Institute of Technology

  Coffee Break & Exhibit of Technologies for Democracy
  4:00pm-4:30pm, Room 122, Yale Law School

  Creating Public Discourse: Cultural Transmission and the Creation of
Democratic Discourse
  4:30pm-6:00pm, Room 127, Yale Law School

    Caio Mario da Silva Pereira Neto, Yale Law School

    Jack Balkin, Yale Law School
    Niva Elkin-Koren, University of Haifa
    Shanto Iyengar, Stanford University

  Dinner and Entertainment

Sunday, April 6, 2003

  How Groups Form: Community, Organization and the Internet
  9:30am-11:00am, Room 127, Yale Law School

    Robert Heverly, Yale Law School

    Brook Manville, SABA Software
    Howard Rheingold, Author
    John Gastil, University of Washington

  Coffee Break & Exhibit of Technologies for Democracy
  11:00am-11:30am, Room 122, Yale Law School

  Creating Alternative Discourse: Protest and E-Resistance
  11:30am-1:00pm, Room 127, Yale Law School

    Nimrod Kozlovski, Yale Law School

    Andrew Herman, College of the Holy Cross
    Douglas Thomas, University of Southern California
    Andrew Bichlbaum / Michael Bonanno, The Yes Men


Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 07:01:10 +0200
From: <>
Subject: wochenend im Schnitt Ausstellungsraum 

  wochenend im Schnitt Ausstellungsraum
   Paul Hartmann   21. – 23.02.2003
   Almut Middel      14. – 16.03.2003
   TOBIAS Z.          04. – 06.04.2003
                   TOBIAS Z.
   Eröffnung  Freitag 04.04.2003 ,19 h – 22 h
   Schnittraum , An der Linde 27, 50668 Köln
   Öffnungszeiten Sa. – So. 15 h – 18 h
   Tel.: 0173/ 2825451 , 0163/ 5464455
   Mit freundlicher Unterstützung  
   Kulturstiftung Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf
   Kulturamt der Stadt Köln 

Ihre eigene Internet-Seite! Kinderleicht fur Anfaenger und Profis
Kostenlos testen unter


Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2003 15:53:18 +0200
From: Kalina Bunevska <>
Subject: Invitation

The Contemporary Art Center - Skopje and
 Swiss Cultural Programme Macedonia
Kindly invite You to attend EURO ART Info No. 34

Video projection for Krasnojarsk Museum
Russia, 1987 - 2002
presenter: Aleksandra Shubskaya (custodian)

Wednesday, April 02, 2003, 8 PM
Swiss Cultural Programme Macedonia

Financial support: Foundation Open Society Institute - Macedonia


Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 10:47:13 +0200
From: Floor van Spaendonck <>
Subject: Presentation Reckless Eyes- 7th of April at Waag Society


Playing Field presentation: Reckless Eyes -  by Kirk Woolford
Monday 7 April, 18.30 hr, Theatrum Anatomicum, De Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 
Free entry, reservation not necessary.
English spoken.

"Reckless Eyeballing" is a concept familiar to most Americans. It is most 
infamous for its use by the pre-civil rights courts to punish and imprison 
black men for looking at white women. However, it is still used for any 
form aggressive or inappropriate gaze, especially when a person without 
power dares to look a person with power directly in the eye. Nowadays 
countless camera's are watching us in the streets: inappropriate or 
appreciated gazes are facilitated by modern technologies.

Kirk Woolford is playing with the idea of 'Reckless eyes' and uses the 
concept in a game for two players who can see through each others eyes, 
using modern technology. The players wear a head-mounted mini-camera and 
carry a PDA (handheld computer) with a wireless network card. Using radio 
transmitters and streaming technology the gaze of one player is displayed 
on the PDA of the other player and vice versa. With these 'Reckless eyes' 
the players influence each others behaviour.

Kirk Woolford developed 'Reckless Eyes' for Playing Field, the 
international streaming media art project initiated by the Netherlands 
Media Art Institute. Waag Society is the appropriate place to present this 
project. Waag Society has an open wireless network and is connected to 
Gigaport broadband internet. Kirk Woolford will give a presentation about 
the development of 'Reckless eyes' and the dancers will give a 
demonstration geven. This demonstration will be broadcasted live on

Playing Field is sponsored by the Culture 2000 programme of the European 
Commission, the Thuiskopiefonds and Stichting XS4ALL. The project 'Reckless 
Eyes' is sponsored by De Waag Society and Babel Media.

More information:
Claud Biemans, project co-ordinator

F. van Spaendonck

Waag Society/ for old and new media
Nieuwmarkt 4
1012 CR  Amsterdam
phone: +31-20-5579898 - fax: +31-20-5579880  


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