A Dontigny on Sat, 7 Feb 2004 14:22:06 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> super tartuffes

super tartuffes

man, our trouble choreographers doubt football security
around the super dysfunction
reportedly, adult suspect halftime definition super simple
mtv mass checked thoughts remain, teen wardrobe prozac
the show repeatedly incredible,
carnality remembering the surprised prozac
getting off moral security inside the football mass dysfunction
entire food table on and on repeatedly
halftime all the time

the popular adult suspect bowl bowl
choreographers of prevalence
little surprised adults
carnality to pretty wardrobe terrorist
moral dysfunction bowl
critics will modestly double malfunction
hot standard super attitudes
celebrate security
the mass of food repeatedly
the drug focus teen teams
security carnality show?
security around the super carnality?
subtle executives complain about the prevalence of drug

deal with a little skin of performers
for public modesty remain, of teen sex, teen pregnancy, team prozac
reportedly, nelly was particularly shocked
everyone breathing hoping that the fear be hot in here
non-existent spectacle celebrated random
but popular the bowl bowl carnality bowl prozac
the next culture
the bowl culture
the don't celebrate the culture
"i'm of that"
with the culture of prozac
think super show? super that
think standard security
think super attitudes



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