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Re: <nettime> Framing the issues: how conservatives use language to dominate politics

In message <200402061749.i16HnUH10317@bbs.thing.net>, roya.jakoby 
<roya@girlfish.net> writes
>An insightful interview with George Lakoff about the workings of framing aka
>strategical use of language in rightwing politics.
>I thought you might be interested. Aren't we all wondering about the one or
>other 're-phrased' phrase these days?
>Best, /roya.

Speaking as one of the relatively right wing members of this group, and 
from a European perspective (where a lot of the framing is actually left 
wing) I would strongly advise the American left to not only read Lakoff, 
but act on it :-)
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