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Dear nettimers,

For many years, through work and play, the nettime-l moderation team has 
maintained this list from locations, both banal and exotic, around the 
world with very little interruption. For lurkers, the break of the last
week probably seemed like the usual summer slack; but for those who sent
messages to the list, error message may have revealed that something was 

The Thing in NYC -- in particular, -- has been nettime-l's
home since July 1999. However, a reorganization of The Thing's energies 
and resources has been long overdue. And that, in combination with server 
problems, put the list offline for the longest time since it made its
first move, from to a temporary home on

We'd like to offer our sincere thanks to, and the people who've 
made such a fine home for nettime-l for eight years, almost
to the day. In particular, we'd like to thank Wolfgang Staehle for his 
patient and generous support of the list (as well as many other excellent 
projects in our neighborhood). 

Nettime's new home is at Kein currently hosts hundreds of lists 
very effectively, so we're especially grateful to Florian Schneider for 
graciously setting up the peculiar configuration this list needs. Really,
we couldn't have asked for a better technical or social environment.

Please not that nettime has now new addresses:

     -> to post to the list:

     -> to reach us:

     -> to un/sub:

All the rest -- in particular, the archives at, maintained 
by Michael van Eeden at the Waag in Amsterdam -- will remain the same.

For those who automatically filter email and/or rely on the list's host 
or headers to process list traffic, please note that this move will 
probably require some effort on your part.

Ted Byfield
Felix Stalder

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