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Re: <nettime> Google INC. vs Wisdomized Clouds

hi Matze!

gg is not just a service that people are paying for, or at least
not the everyday people who are cons-using it. the counterintuitive
is precisely that the entities with more capital than the typical
end-user are actually paying for it: states (as you point out nicely),
corporations who are buying advertising and maybe some users, but
surely only the top bit.

on the other hand, yes, by participating in the privatised social
space that gg has created for us we are generating biopolitical
information about the nuances of our life like which languages we
understand and what restaurants we like, etc. this data is oil of the
21th century, which don't even have to be datamined.

so in a way we pay in bargain: we produce surplus value to be
exploited by gg in exchange for the services, and not pay with
neutralised and generalised exchange units like money. in a way this
doesn't sound like capitalism but like feudal slavery. BUT the big
difference is that while the peasant was chained to the ground by
force and tradition, and produced with the sweat of his brow; we are
free to explore cyberspace and only settle for gg because of the nice
services and the fashion and most importantly: we produce invisibly,
by way of our very vision, by the sweat of our eyeballs.

so in fact we are not really paying, we re:produce surplus value when
while we go about our daily business in cyberspace -- for example
answering emails (since re:).

the question is how gg managed to reorganise capital accumulation
by way of a new organisation of production that exploits even our
minimscale daily activities -- biopolitical exploitation maybe.

ps: it's nice to see people using The Bat! (not gg or a M$ product) --
it was my mailer of choice for years, and i still think it's the best
such application on Windows. :j


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