John Hopkins on Wed, 26 Mar 2008 11:25:26 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Google INC. vs Wisdomized Clouds

Hmmm, hei Matze! u back in Berlin?

I'm thinking the major weakness with this model is the slavish
adherence to a materialist point-of-view.

When I pay attention to nettime, reading your text, replying to your
text, I am surrendering in a very real way (not abstracted!) some
of my life-time to this process. To maintain my life during that
time requires a certain amount of energy. That life-energy does not
simply evaporate into nothing. It goes into reinforcing the social
protocol (pathway) that nettime represents. My life-energy goes
directly into this reinforcing process. (Your ideas enter my head, my
body-system via electrically mediated exchange). (I respond with other
electrically-mediated energies that enter your body-system)

This strengthens the social protocol that nettime represents and
consequently, ensures the continued viability of the social system
that structurally nettime is a part of (as one possible pathway for
the exchange of energies in that system).

Same with google -- it is a techno-social sub-system within a larger
techno-social system which overall is looking to maintain its own
viability. To guarantee its own viability it needs to have a reliable
energy source. Ultimately that source are the individuals humans and
their inherent life-energy. As participants, our participation is in
the process of spending life-energy or attention into the system.

Imagine if no one paid attention to google, what would happen? It
would cease being a viable sub-system or pathway for the techno-social
system to tap into our life-energies. What would be the result if no
one paid attention to nettime? It would cease to be a viable pathway
for the techno-social system to tap into our life energies.


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