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Re: <nettime> Call for support: why?


> I was thinking of my article about Creative Insurgency

> Please correct me if I am wrong

"We  are the real living dead [...]"

besides the fact that I don't believe Derrida we're the living dead my
interpretation of this neo-net-art/code-art is simply that mentors are
constantly producing a kind of discourse to enforce precisely this
code-art as the new canon in the art world. It happens that there are
some 'movements' in parallel. A new generation born in the late 1960s
and early 1070s is holding chairs now at universities and plays around
with Foucault, Deleuze and Kittlerian stuff and really really wants to
establish the new new operative Operative (forgive me the wordplay). A
figure which helps super-users and end-users out of the agony. All of
this seems to be going on with a background of a half-theoretical
Consumerism, sorts of consumer protection and fair trading ideas. From
my point of view this is a shifting and a repressing or let's say
obviously the position of the petit bourgeois and middle-classes. They
have to regulate that what is social whatever the intellectual cost may

"Media labs everywhere [...]"

Well it's not my aim to attack media labs anyway, it's good to have
them, since they ARE everywhere, your PC, my notebook. No need for art
here! What makes me vomiting is...

"under the guiding eyes and financial  protection of govermental and
institutional supervision."

...that this generation (I know I am woolly ... mh, dissing without
names) just follows the command of the dictum of e.g. German Social
Democrats--with Foucault: Make the heterogeneous work!

This is exactly the slogan of the biggest German State Fund called
"Kulturstiftung des Bundes" (Cultural Fund of the Federation of
Germany). So do the job! Be a critic, help us creating the illusion.
Keep on downloading the corrective.


>> Another non productive academics

>> Pirates aren't builders
>> And the opinion leaders, lingering
>> long line crammers, olio liars exaggerate
>> their liking
>> Pirates of the State Subversity

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