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Re: <nettime> Mute article on Bitcoin

hi Dmytri,

> In terms of electronic commerce, this can be quite usefully, but
> macroeconomically the significance of electronic specie seems
> quite negligible, taking it place among various less interesting,
> non-decentralized, exchangeables, including pre-paid telephone credit
> and online shopping gift codes. It's main advantage over these is
> it utility for unsanctioned economic activity, which certainly is
> critical for some undertakings, but hardly disruptive to the economy
> as a whole.
> I'd very interested in a co-herent argument otherwise.
> Best,
> -- 
> Dmytri Kleiner
> Venture Communist

I'd argue is an error to quickly frame into a macroeconomic
perspective the narrative opened by Bitcoin.

Let me refer you to the work of Colin Ward, whom I'm recently reading.
I find it hard to ignore that the possibilities for constituency
opened by tools for more agile monetary creation are related to
grass-roots movements as LETS systems, and such.

To boil it down to dialectics, an approach I'm sure you relate with
more than I do, InI believe that the strained relationships between
deeply different economical contexts as in City / Countryside, North /
South for instance can be tackled by the creative use of such tools.

Considered the entity of current systemic problem in finance, I'd
argue that the democratization of tools for value circulation
represents a pragmatic attempt to get over financial tyranny.

Experiences like http://www.torekes.be and others we try to document
on http://DYNDY.net provide a lively commentary of practices around
such visions.

And I believe this is not the only co-herent argument that can be
started. I'm doing my best, I hope you do too.


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