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Re: <nettime> Ubiquitous Commons and Stakhanov at transmediale in Berlin

Hi Allan and all,

> In a nutshell: somebody needs to do some homework and connect the themes
> that this conference wants to address with discussions about the commons
> from the previous two centuries.

it is not a conference, but a workshop in which we will explore the
possibility of systematically building a legal+technological toolkit.
One which is truly meaningful in these times in which "data" has deeply
changed in its qualities and ubiquity (bodies, geography, minds,

we will show some initial results, and hopefully work together with
everyone who attends on making them better, both in perspective and

     Hello! Please tell that to the people who control and manipulate
     information this;


     and, I am sorry, knowledge is not ubiquitous as the
     Ubiquitous Commons website illustrates; it is nothing more than, as
     described at the bottom, a mash-up of wikipedia definitions very far
     away from the references and history that Verhoeven supplied.

as said in the original message:

     (the website currently shows an early manifesto, and will evolve soon
     to reflect the actions and collaborations which have been established
     to achieve these objectives)

you might want to refer to the content of the original message until
the website gets updated, or come to the workshop, which could turn out
to be interesting indeed

We have some really draft materials ready, apart from the prototypes of
the legal toolkits and of the technological toolkits which we're
working on.

We're really concentrated on building the prototype toolkits, more than
on writing about them.

We intended to release some more careful writing right after the
workshop at transmediale, so that they would include all of the
contributions coming from there. But if you think some draft materials
which we have already put together could improve the conversation I
will be more than happy to share them in their current state.

If you can, I would really appreciate participation at the workshop, so
that we can take meaningful contributions in consideration.

There is a variety of approaches here, coming from legal studies, arts,
hacking, psychology, sociology, engineering and more. It will take a
bit of time to write something together which satisfies everyone.

In the shorter term, it will be easier to talk, to take/share notes,
and to use the results of the discussions to build the prototypes of
the toolkits we are aiming to produce, to test and evaluate them, and
to iterate, so that we arrive at something useful and usable. Which can
also be used by a wider group of people, so that more issues and
perspectives can be addressed.

much love
Salvatore Iaconesi
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