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Re: <nettime> Ubiquitous Commons and Stakhanov at transmediale in Berlin

Dear Salvatore,

I understand that this was a manifesto - or a draft manifesto - but,
aside from the "fuzziness"  surrounding the use of the concept of the
commons (a critical issue), what remains problematical to me is the
manner in which the digital commons, as you envision it, is connected
or meshes in some form with the real world. In its earliest historical
and political manifestations the commons was not simply a common
territory (if you will) but also the embodiment of an ideological
principle. Aside from the functional issues (legal and technological)
is there any sense of the ideological dimensions of your digital
commons and how does it interface with `real world' issues;
manifestations of these connections are abundant and often calamitous
so I wonder, very much, about the manner in which this digital commons
is bounded and controlled (if at all) as you envision it. Sorry if I am
raising questions that would be addressed in the workshop but these are
some of thoughts that crossed my mind at the time of your original
posting. And, if I were in Berlin during Transmediale I would love to
participate in these important discussions.

Thanks very much for your rely to my posting.



On 22 Jan 2015, at 01:06, xDxD.vs.xDxD <[1]> wrote:

   Hi Allan and all,

   > In a nutshell: somebody needs to do some homework and connect the themes
   > that this conference wants to address with discussions about the commons
   > from the previous two centuries.

   it is not a conference, but a workshop in which we will explore the
   possibility of systematically building a legal+technological toolkit.

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