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<nettime> Amsterdam may 9th 1997

Eurotop Amsterdam June 16th. - 17th. 1997

Ander Europa lijst

Friday May 9th, official "Europe Day", A SEED will organise a
protest against the EMU in front of the Munt Tower, in central
Amsterdam. With the action, involving huge coins and banners, we want
to express our dissatisfaction with the democratic and social failure
of EU policies, such as EMU. Join in! The action starts at 10.30 and
lasts about an hour.

Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) is worsening unemployment and
social exclusion all over Europe. It undermines democracy, by
transferring decisions on monetary policies to the unaccountable and
undemocratic future European Central Bank (ECB). Just one month
before the final IGC summit, there is no sign that the EU leaders
will listen to the growing dissatisfaction with the current
development model of the EU. Time to build up the pressure!

For more information, contact Dianne at the A SEED Europe Office.

A SEED Europe, the European branch of a global network of youth
activists working in the fields of environment and development, is
part of the Dutch Coalition for a Different Europe (Platform Naar een
Ander Europa), the organiser of the upcoming Alternative Forum "For
a Different Europe" which will take place prior and parallel to the
official summit of the head of states in Amsterdam, June 12-17th.|
|Please always reply to: aseedeur@antenna.nl !!!!
                            A SEED Europe
                      P.O.Box 92066
                1090 AB Amsterdam               The Netherlands
                                    tel. +31 20 6682236
                            fax +31 20 6650166

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