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Re: <nettime> ZKP4: Beyond Despair: A New Living in Art

On Thu 05/08/97 at 02:19, "{ brad brace }" wrote:

>                 Culture is only the manifestation of 
> 	                  current political conceit.
>            The History of Art is merely an extended, 
>                            falsified line of credit.
>             Popular memory has become the antithesis 
>                         of official written history.

	Unless this missive had some "provocative" intent, I really don't
understand why you would post it. To begin with, these aphorisms are
patently absurd:  the idea that "popular memory" and "official written
history"  interrelate in the same ways in Serbia and, say, San Francisco
isn't really worth discussing, and the same can be said for most of the
other categories invoked here. The only thing left, it seems, is the
negativist urge; but even it doesn't withstand much scrutiny, because the
"cynicism"  it animates here has far too much faith. In what? Well, for
example, in "current political conceit": if this is the source of all
culture, then what's the source of "politics"--in particular, the "real" 
politics that these "conceits" presuppose? 

hypotextual monomediac
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