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<nettime> Anarchives: liquid consciousness

	'the tao is love, and the mind is for the masses'
The Anarchives 				Volume 4 Issue 4
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               --/\--			liquid consciousness
             /  /  \  \			
         ---|--/----\--|---		by Jacob Hirsh
             \/      \/

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editor's note: energy all over the planet is as active as ever.
big change is afoot, and so far it feels pretty good.
this piece was written by my youngest brother,
spontaneously while in grade 10 computer class.
buddha as the masses is alive and well,
the youth are rising up and finding mind,
welcome them with open loving arms...

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	Liquid Consciousnes a/k/a Billy's Backyard

	Too much wacking and not enough smacking can only lead to death
and the inevitable degradation of society as a whole, in relevance to that
which is wrong and terribly greasy for the only discoveries that can be
found from within the thematic confines of one's very own personal

	This is how the entire development ceases as the globe fondles
life with an ambiguous love for destruction that only compliments the
pseudo-politeness that plagues our land, of course then there is the
horror that comes in great quantities if one wishes for it.

	The problem with everything is everything else and with that, so
comes the inevitable collapse of all that is strong and all that is
indictive of a greater power that strives in all objects great and small.

	Not believing in the standard personificatinos that are to be
found from the incarnations that you percieve to be real, nothing can be
emulated without some form of entomographical intelligence that looks only
to the self and not to the collective that we so loosely call life.

	But in a defferent context it can be taken to a higher life and
different plane of intellect if it is so wished.  If on wishes for
something then the other will inevitably fall into line with that which is
accepted and that which is righteous.  In the grand scheme of things only
one can be defined and that is the one that proves that everything is
right as long as it is wrong and not allowed.  This idea is that which
makes us strive for something more than that which we do not have.

	The false complexity of superiority mimics the evolutionary
process that man tries to overcome through his own posterity and abilities
to consume all that he feels he needs to for a greater self to emerge from
the shell.  The only true life giving breath that one can provide is that
which takes all the bulbous necessities that are strewn about the random
impulses that we refer to as our consciousness.

	The only possibility that we are faced with are those that we
refuse to contemplate without some further inspirational message to
motivate the flow of information.  Facing the oblivious nothing that is
blocked  by the stem of all that descreates a world full of superstition
and fear for that which can only be described as beyond our spectrum of
esoterical beliefs.

If you look beyond that which causes blindness you can see that not
everything is as it appears.  Sometimes what we look for can only be found
in that which is inaccessible or does not exist.  Some say that if you try
to go above that which your abilities allow you can never truly be
satisfied and you end up living in the bloated nothing that is life and
dark oblivion that gapes through the mirrors you call eyes.

	To smile upon death is to smile upon that which is large and
bloated to the point of extinction when taken in a context to which it is
not and that is what causes us to feel the capitalist conspiracy of
emotion we call guilt.

	Simply allowing that which is power to co-exist in this world is
in itself a hideous crime to humanity.  Forcing development upon
unsuspecting commoners and plaguing their minds with the false pretences
about the mundane and mandatory clipping of the mind will only lead to
revolution and consolidation of all that is strought for.

	So all in all that which allows us as a whole simply exist is by far one
of the most heinous and dangerous things to ever plague those we call the
civilians or the labourers of our society effectively rendering all that
is hoped for null and void.  To only increase the atrocities of our
desolation in terms of despair.

	When faced with this aristocratic propaganda one must reach deep
into his gut and pull from within an organized system of thought through
which you can develop yourself without the pre-requisites already planned
for you and your future.  Salvation must be determined by how you
construct your own images and erect the walls of your life, so as not to
come in contact with that which tries to annihilate you.

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