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<nettime.free> Re: many questions!

>> - nettime-free shall not bring out any kind of printed or even xeroxed
>> publications. NETtime, remember?? Do we take this medium seriously or what?
>> (there's a damn lot of work to be done here, btw...) If people want to find
>> a channel to get their writing published on paper / for money somewhere,
>> let them please look for it elsewhere (or create their own forum for this
>> specific goal) and not impose their agendas upon those who want to get
>> something done *online*. Nettime-free shall try to find different channels
>> to distribute important content that is being exchanged here.
>Just my two cents: why limit the media? Isn't it possible to take one
>medium seriously and still use others? By your argument it follows that,
>if they are serious, art museums should not have guidebooks, CDs should
>not come with liner notes, and movies should not release soundracks.

Bzzt, nope. There is a major difference here in that
decisions are made in places that only those able to
get to physically can partake in. I think it gets called
"priviledge" in the parlance of them theorists.

People in Berlin cannot necessarily make it to the
coast of Romania for a nettime meeting no matter how
cool it is that th epeople in Romania are able to, for
this particular moment, be a part of the in-group.
So most of us get to have one go as the central commitee
(which is what I understand ZKP to refer to, so there is
not a complete absence of awareness here) get to be at all
places and wield all power.

The, on the otherhand, as Stone said at CyberConf8, "the buck
stops here," she is the person responsible for what happens
and doesn't happen and she will act on her feelings and beliefs
_and_ most importantly take responsibility for it.

Anyway, that's the thing about mixing the media in a supposedly
democratic or at least open forum. Reporters are meant to keep
as much of the politicking out in the open out here in the
real world, as I doubt people will be willing and able to
report on offline meetings, I daresay not doing them would be
important. I promised a CyberConf 8 report to nettime
ages ago and still haven't finished even a rough outline
because it was so dense. This mixing of media can be difficult.



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