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[Nettime-nl] artists present | friday 19 september | 20:00hrs. | SMART Cinema

SMART Project Space | 1e Constantijn Huygensstraat 20, Amsterdam, +31 (0)20 427 5951  
Friday 19th September, 20.00 hrs. Smart Project Space presents: 

A series in which artists present their work.

Friday September 19th, 20.00 hrs.

Erik van Lieshout


Erik van Lieshout (1968) is one of the most exciting Dutch artists at the moment. Toughness is his trademark throughout his drawings and paintings, but also in his videos and installations. Urban subculture is the source of Van Lieshout's work. He takes his photo material from his direct surroundings,  newspapers, comic strips and the street. He reworks this and makes it completely his own, a raw idiom. Often his work is explicitly pornographic and imbued with a sense of violence but also superbly humouristic. Sex and violence are approached with a lot of pleasure.


Erik Van Lieshout is participating in this years Venice BiŽnnale, presenting a video installation entitled Respect that depicts an absurd multicultural reality in the south of Rotterdam. Respect is shown in a Van Lieshout version of Gerrit Rietveld's SchrŲder House, thus functioning as a comment on the Dutch Pavilion, also designed by Rietveld.



Alex Cecchetti


In Alex Cecchetti's universe not only are there heroes against the sky but also saints, wrestlers and children, all engaged in a quest for knowledge - a mission whose outcome results in questions rather than answers. In his video works and drawings, Cecchetti pairs harsh violence with a visionary and poetic aesthetic.


In San Francisco's Trilogy (13' 2001 dvd) Cecchetti plays tribute to St. Francis of Assisi, the popular and controversial figure from his homeland, the Italian region of Umbria. The video's three episodes provide a portrait of the life of the Saint by focusing respectively on his childhood struggles, the hard clash between pragmatism and spirituality, and the presumed truthfulness of the miracle. What emerges is a complex reality composed of a series of unresolved conflicts.

On an endlessly white salt landscape, under a deep blue sky, two characters 
from an old Western tale meet in the middle of a narrow gangway (footbridge)
that ends with an old grimy wooden latrine. The protagonists are a 15 year old and a man scarred by time, neither of whom want to let the other go. The kid makes the first blow and soon they fall off the footbridge and still fighting, they end in a puddle of salt. When they awake the next morning, they are dirty and covered in salt and blood. Whilst sitting by the gangway looking around, a third man comes along in a wheelchair and wishing to pass them to go to the latrine. They don't want to let him pass, and turn their head towards the white landscape. The trigger of a shotgun suddenly arouses their attention. The man in the wheelchair is carrying a large Winchester over his shoulder. He's got them covered and at last he can get through and reach the latrine. The episode ends with a scene of the burning latrine, which was set alight by the kids and the man. They burn everything, the latrine, the man, the wheelchair and the shotgun. A fire wheel runs all over the salt mine, burning like an ancient sun!

King Head Of Elk  (7' 2003 dvd)
50 kids fighting into the woodlands at the ancient game of the tails. There 
will be only one winner in the end. Then images of an empty school.

Location: Smart Cinema
Price: 5.50 Euro
For information please contact Jacco Musper 

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