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[Nettime-nl] 7th Workshop on Space and the Arts (Noordwijk)

From: "Melinda Klayman" <>

Call For Papers: 7th Workshop on Space and the Arts

Space: Science, Technology and the Arts
(7th Workshop on Space and the Arts)

18-21 May 2004

European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESA-ESTEC)
Noordwijk, The Netherlands

First Announcement and Call for Papers

³Space: Science, Technology and the Arts² is the theme of the 7th workshop
on space and the arts which is being co-organized by the European Space
Agency (ESA), the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) and its
Commission VI, Leonardo/OLATS and the OURS Foundation. It is scheduled to be
held at ESTEC - ESAıs European Space Research & Technology Centre in
Noordwijk, The Netherlands from 18-21 May 2004.

Since the birth of space exploration, artists and space scientists have
inspired each other in the development of humanityıs space programs,
regularly exchanging information, ideas and visions. Artists working with
space subjects and themes invariably become heavily involved in both the
physics and the technologies of space ­ either as a muse, a metaphor, a
subject or as a tool necessary for the development of their artistic
creations. Artists, wanting to explore space on their own artistic terms,
often must become very knowledgeable about the utilization of space
technologies, materials, mechanisms and procedures in order to develop
feasible art works and projects as such projects are subject to the same
conditions and regulations governing scientific experiments designed for
space. Such activities have broadened the idea of space exploration within
the space community while making space exploration understandable in other
ways and accessible by larger public.

Now that the International Space Station (ISS) is nearing completion, the
ISS partners have begun to investigate how this orbital facility can be
utilized, not only as a platform for scientific experimentation, but also as
a platform for cultural exploration and expression. This creates a new
opportunity and challenge for artists and other cultural professionals to
work closely together with space scientists, engineers, technologists and
administrators in developing new concepts, projects and strategies.

The ³Space: Science, Technology and the Arts² workshop promises to be an
important and pivotal event as it provides a unique opportunity for
professionals in the space and the arts communities to meet, discuss and
exchange new ideas related to the cultural exploration of space.

Presentations are being solicited from space scientists, engineers,
technologists, artists, writers, journalists, art critics, curators and
philosophers who have a developed interest in the aims and theme of the


The Workshop on ³Space: Science, Technology and the Arts² aims to:

·  provide a platform where new ideas and experiments relating to the
interaction of space science, technology and the arts can be exposed and
·  provide an environment where people, especially artists and other
³culture professionals,² together with space scientists and engineers can
exchange ideas and projects about space from the perspective of their unique
backgrounds, education and experiences
·  provide a meeting place where new space art and technology projects can
emerge and new  teams and partnerships can be built
·  nurture a domain of space activities that is becoming more recognized in
both the space community and in the mainstream art world
·  disseminate the ideas and projects by publicizing the results of the

Submission of Abstracts

Participation in the workshop will be limited to a maximum of 40 persons,
and participants will be selected upon review of abstracts of presentations
proposed for the workshop.

Abstracts, limited to one A4 page, should be submitted via the online form
available at

The abstract should be in English and include:

·  Workshop name
·  Title of presentation
·  Name and affiliation of authors
·  Full contact details of presenting author, including postal and e-mail
addresses, phone and fax

The deadline for abstract submission is 29 February 2004.

Following acceptance a complete paper will be required and the author(s)
will be invited to register for the Workshop.


29 February 2004  -  Deadline for abstracts
15 March 2004  -  Notification of acceptance
20 April 2004  -  Preliminary program
7 May 2004  -  Deadline for papers
18-21 May 2004  -  Workshop

Workshop Topics

Presentations can be about any aspect or issue related to ³Space: Science,
Technology and the Arts.² Since the scope of the Workshop is large,
potential authors might like to consider submitting abstracts for papers
addressing such topics as:

·  the impact of space technologies on the arts and vice-versa
·  the transfer of space technologies to art and design
·  the role and involvement of space bodies in the arts
·  designing art for the space environment - the requirements, the
·  synergies between the arts and space communities
·  the interaction between space, arts and the public
·  space and the new media arts
·  using the arts to explore space
·  the arts in orbit ­ use of the ISS for artistic and cultural expression

Authors need not, of course, limit themselves to these topics.


The Workshop will begin with a Welcome Event on Tuesday evening 18 May 2004.

The three-day formal workshop will take place in the Einstein Room of the
main ESTEC building on 19-21 May 2004 and will consist of oral presentations
from both invited and contributing speakers.

There will be no charge for participation in the workshop.

Travel and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of each

Hotel Accommodation

A reasonably priced hotel with half-pension has been reserved in the nearby
town of Noordwijk and booking information will be sent to all participants
that are accepted.

Transportation to and from the hotel and ESTEC will be provided.


Postal address:
European Space & Technology Centre
P.O. Box 299
2200 AG  Noordwijk (The Netherlands)

Visiting address:
European Space & Technology Centre
Keplerlaan 1
2201 AZ  Noordwijk (The Netherlands)

General telephone number:
Phone: +31 71 5656565
Fax: +31 71 5656040


Programme Committee:
Annick Bureaud (Leonardo/OLATS)
Roger Malina (International Academy of Astronautics)
David Raitt (ESA)
Arthur Woods (OURS Foundation)

Advisory Committee :
·  MIR Consortium (Microgravity Interdisciplinary Research Consortium)
   ·  Nicola Triscott, Rob La Frenais (The Arts Catalyst, London, England)
   ·  Roger Malina, Annick Bureaud (Leonardo: Leonardo/OLATS Observatory for
the Arts and the Techno-Sciences, Paris, France, and Leonardo/ISAST
International Society for the Arts, Sciences & Technology, USA)
   ·  Marko Peljhan (Projekt Atol, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
   ·  Alex Adriaansens, Anne Nigten (V2_Organisation, Rotterdam,
   ·  Masha Chuikova (Multimedia Complex of Actual Arts, Moscow, Russia)
   ·  Jean-Luc Soret (Paris, France)
·  Kara Szathmary, (International Association of Astronomical Artists,
Quebec, Canada)
·  Patrick Gyger, (Maison DıAilleurs, Yverdon, Switzerland)
Frank Pietronigro (Zero Gravity Art Consortium, San Francisco, USA)


Any questions concerning the ³Space: Technology and the Arts² workshop
should be sent to:


Under the title "Rencontres du 13 avril," a series of small, one-day
Workshops on Space and the Arts was co-organized by Leonardo/OLATS, the OURS
Foundation and the International Academy for Astronautics between the years
1997 and 2002. Held in Boulogne-Billancourt, a suburb near Paris, these
workshops attracted leading space scientists, engineers and artists on
specific themes chosen to generate exchanges between artists and scientists
concerning the cultural impact of space activities.

The different topics of the past six workshops have been:

1997 April 13th - "The Artists as Space Explorers"
1998 March 25th - "Space Art / Earth Art"
1999 March 21st - "Cultural Perspectives on Space"
2000 March 26th - "Life in Space"
2001 March 25th - "Outer Space - Cyber Space"
2002 March 17th - "The Collaborative Process in Space Art"

The documentation about each past workshop is online on the Leonardo/OLATS
web site at

In order to provide a wider forum for the interaction of the scientific and
technical community with artists, the 7th Workshop on Space and the Arts is
being held at the European Space Agencyıs large R&D establishment, ESTEC, in
The Netherlands.


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